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Short Updates on interesting applications using our sensor solutions.

Plotting and Logging Data at User Selectable Intervals in LoadVUE Pro, SensorVUE, or ControlVUE

Our LoadVUE Pro, SensorVUE, and ControlVUE software displays plots of sensor data as a function of time, as fast as possible. The plot can either be a strip chart (with a specified time window) or a cumulative plot of all data points squeezed into the visible window. In the cumulative mode there is a limit to the maximum number of points that can b...
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Loadstar Sensors Software require Microsoft .NET Frameworks

All Windows versions of Loadstar Sensors software require Microsoft .NET Framework v 4.0 or later installed on your computer. Some components of the software also require .NET Framework v 3.5 installed. If you get an error message that any of the versions or missing, you can enable the .NET Framework 3.5 through the Windows Control Panel. See how you can activate .NET 3.5 before installing Loadstar Sensors' software.

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Measuring forces and torques acting on artificial hip due to friction between joints

Hip replacement surgery is quite common among senior citizens of the baby boom generation. But in addition, due to advances in hip implant design and surgical techniques, a growing number of younger patients are undergoing total hip replacement (THR) surgery; however, this procedure can lead to complications and other side effects on the body. Once the implant is placed in the body, it is subject to mechanical loading (contact stress) conditions in a bio-chemical body environment.

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Setting up Average or Median Filter

When sensor readings are taken in a noisy or vibrating environment, it may be desirable to average the sensor readings to produce a smoother output. Depending on the data update on your particular PC and how fast you want to see it update in the software you can set parameters to optimize response time & get the highest signal to noise ratio. All Loadstar software provide an averaging option which can be selected by clicking Sensor, Filter Sensors..and selecting an average or median option.

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Troubleshooting connectivity issues with Loadstar Sensors' sensors or interfaces

Sometimes, we get support requests from users whose computers have trouble detecting a sensor or interface. The steps below outline what you can do to troubleshoot the issue. If you are using the device on a Windows XP or Vista or Win7 Operating System, you will need to upgrade to a Win8/10/11 PC or Tablet and get our latest software version. Please contact us here.

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Pancake Load Cells to Test Aircraft Wings, Flaps & Landing Gear

An innovative aircraft startup company trying to build a long range passenger jet with several times the range of currently available jets used our RAL1 Pancake Load Cells with USB Output to perform performance and strength testing of the wing and flaps as well as get a profile of the weight distribution of the wing during manufacture.  

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Safety is not expensive, it is Priceless!

Until we get everyone vaccinated, we need to keep everyone safe. But How?

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StockVUE Mobile for your Inventory on Wheels

Autonomous, real-time, remote, inventory management using digital smart scales

Track your inventory on wheels using StockVUE Mobile IOT solution. No more losing track of your inventory that is not sitting on shelves and racks. Get remote visibility into your inventory wherever it is - even at points of use.

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StockVUE - an IoT Solution making Inventory Count Itself

Customers want what they want and they want it NOW. In this era of hyper competition, having the right product, in the right quantity, at the right pl...
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How to add High/Low lines to graphs

You can add High/Low lines to graph by using the Formula Sensors Features of the Loadvue Software family.

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DS-3000U Pro - Touch Screen Display for USB Load Cells

Loadstar Sensors offers a variety of digital load cells, weight sensors or weight scales with USB or Wireless output.  The iLoad Series and the iLoad Series offer direct USB Output through out S2U UART to USB miniB to USB A adapters.  The DI-100U/DI-1000U USB Load Cell Interfaces can be mated to any of our resistive load cells to obtain calibrated USB output. 

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Troubleshooting a DI-1000HS-10K Impact Sensor Interface

If you are getting inaccurate or noisy readings from a DI-1000HS-10K interface, follow the steps outline below to troubleshoot. You will also need a voltmeter.

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Erratic mouse behavior when connecting battery powered DI-1000 units

When using battery powered (or externally powered) interfaces (like DI-1000 or DQ-4000), sometimes you may notice that the mouse pointer jumps around ...
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Monitoring plant growth and irrigation needs in a nursery using digital weight sensors

Drought conditions in California has led to steep increases in cost of water for agricultural use this year.  Vegetable and fruit growers as well...
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Sampling of Loadstar Sensors Customers

Loadstar Sensors clients come from all over the world. Check out a few of them here!

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Measuring thrust forces exerted by quadcopter rotors or propellers

Are you a drone or quadcopter enthusiast?  Trying to build your own kick-ass quadcopter that will soar high and move fast?  Then you need to really understand the thrust characteristics of your motors and make sure it can generate enough thrust to provide sufficient lift and forward movement. 

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Digital Tank Weighing Solution

Tank Weighing Solution using iWeigh Scales with USB or WiFi Output Many applications require different amounts of liquids and solids to be mixed into ...
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Load Cells with USB, UART, & Analog 0-5V Output shown in various configurations

The iLoad Pro load cell is one of the family of load cells that use capacitive measurement techniques to measure forces or loads.  Unlike traditional strain gauge load cells, these capacitive load cells do not use resistive strain gauges that are bonded to a metal member.  Instead it uses two capacitive plates separated by a gap as the sensing element.

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Unobtrusive Patient Monitoring System using Digital USB Load Cells

When researchers Stephen J. Spikings, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, and Nick R. Harris of the University of Southhampton in England wanted to monitor the well-being of a person on a bed based on measuring their weight, they turned to Loadstar Sensors' Digital USB Load Cells for its low profile, low cost and ease of use.

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Body Weight Sensor for Health Kiosk

A leading health kiosk player wanted to add the ability to measure body weight to its kiosk.  The kiosk utilized an open source PC server running Linux with custom software and wanted a easy way to talk to a weight sensor via USB.  

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Digital Pressure Measurement Solution to build a Ski Characterization Tool

Cross country racing skis are usually hand built, which can lead to significant variations between individual skis even within the same model. These variations can have a huge impact on performance, so the ability to identify which skis have the highest quality and best characteristics is vital for high level athletes and technicians when selecting skis. 

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Digital load cells used for measuring thrust forces acting on Hovercraft

Michael Mercier has been crazy about hovercrafts since he was a little boy.  Protoytping and building model after model of increasing sophistication from high school through college he refined his knowledge and skills for over a decade.

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Using USB Load Cells to measure lift and drag forces acting on WingSuits

Since the dawn of time, man has observed birds that can take off at will and fly through the sky with effortless ease and dreamed of doing the same.  

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Spring Testing to Make Trampolines Safer

A leading manufacturer of Trampolines for sports and fitness applications wanted to test the strength and longevity of the springs used to build the trampolines.  They turned to Loadstar Sensors' iLoad Mini Load Cells to test the Force vs. Deflection characteristic of the springs.  In addition they needed to see how well the springs held up after millions of cycles of load applied to them.  

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Boxing Training Tool - Measure Punch Forces and Number of Punches

Boxers who want to be at the top of their game, wanted a tool to help them track how many punches they can throw in a minute, how hard the punches are, how long they can sustain the number and intensity of the punches and track the progress they made from session to session or week to week.

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USB Force Sensor helps to train volunteers to do CPR

At least one in ten of us, in our lifetime, will see a family member, friend, or acquaintance have a cardiac arrest.  If the victim of a cardiac arrest or stroke has to wait for the Ambulance to show up and a paramedic to start CPR, the outlook for surviving the attach and full recovery is bleak.

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NASA uses our S-Beam Load Cells with USB Output to Test Forces on a Parachute

NASA Ames Research center used two of our RAS1 S-Beam Load Cells and one RES2 S-Beam Jr. Load Cell with matching DI-1000U 24-bit USB Load Cell Interfaces and our LV-4000 software to measure the forces acting on a parachute during a test conducted in the giant wind tunnel facility.

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Measuring the Recoil Force from a Gun

impact with gun
impact with gun di 1000uhs 10k
Dr. Mattew Hall, a faculty member in the Thermal/Fluids Systems program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas,&n...
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