We invented the world's first USB Load Cells and revolutionized force measurement. Then we extended the same principles to offer other types of digital sensors to empower anyone to display, log and plot sensor data on a computer, phone or display without any special electronics or software expertise. One can mix and match different sensors and even put together a complex control system where devices are turned on/off based on sensor levels. Explore digital sensors we offer today and let us know what else you would like us to carry in the future.

Sensing Made Easy!  

Force Sensors

Compression or Tension
or Universal Push & Pull
Force Measurement

Torque Sensor

Compression Only
25 kg to 1000kg.
+/- 0.05% of FS Accuracy Class

Displacement Sensor

Push or Pull Force
50kg, to 500kg
+/- 0.1% of FS Accuracy Class

Pressure Sensor

Push or Pull Force
1kg to 100kg.
+/- 0.1% of Full Scale.

Impact Force Sensor

Tension or Compression
25 lb to 40K lbs
+/- 0.02% of FS Accuracy Class

Weight Sensor

Tension or Compression
5K lb to 100k lb
+/- 0.03% of FS Accuracy Class

Level Sensor

Tension and/or Compression
250 kg to 5K kg
+/- 0.05% of FS Accuracy Class

Temperature Sensor

Compression Only
1 lb to 100K lbs
+/- 0.02% of FS Accuracy Class

Connect Sensor to PC, Phone or Cloud

Capture and display data from load cells and other sensors on LCD displays, PCs, tablets or phones using USB, WiFi, Bluetooth of XBee protocols. Log data to Excel friendly CSV files. Upload data to the Cloud to download or view it from anywhere, anytime on any device. Receive text or email alerts when values exceed limits. Control external devices based on sensor inputs via USB Relays. The sky is the limit!



We offer signal conditioners to get analog 0-5 VDC outputs compatible with common Data Aquisition Systems (DAQs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). You can capture data, work with LabVIEW, Matlab and other packages and build a complex control system application. The sky is the limit.



We offer software to display, log and plot data from your sensors & interfaces on a Windows PC or Tablet. The software comes with rich graphical user interfaces (GUI) to make it easy to install and use, as well as perform recalibration and get remote support when needed. All digital sensors and interfaces include an ASCII command set, so you can write your own code to get data from the sensors on any platform - PC, Mac, Linux devices like Raspberry Pi or micro-controllers like an Arduino board. 

LoadVUE Pro Software for Digital Load Cells

LoadVUE Pro for a single digital Load Cell or Weight Scale

SensorVUE Software for Digital Sensors

SensorVUE for any Type of Sensor, any Number of Sensors

ControlVUE Software for Digital Load Cells

ControlVUE to Control External Devices via USB Relay

Watch & Learn
imPress Pressure Sensor
USB Torque Sensor
Force & Displacement Sensor
Displacement Sensor


What sensors are offered by Loadstar Sensors?

We offer digital (wired and wireless) load cells, weight scales, impact force sensors, torque sensors, displacement sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors and temperature sensors

Which interface should I use with a particular sensor?

For wheatstone resistive bridge devices like load cells (weight scales) and torque sensors with 1 - 4 mV/V ratiometric output, use the 16-bit DI-100U Interface with max 40 hz data update rate for UART/USB output or the 24 bit DI-1000U Interface for USB output.  The DI-100U is generally good for +/- 0.1% of full scale accuracy. For +/- 0.02% of full scale accuracy, one must use the DI-1000U. For sensors with a 0-5 V DC output, use the DI-1000U-5V version of the DI-1000U which allows an input range of 0-5 Volts.

How can I get data wirelessly?

In order to get wireless output from your sensor, you need to use either a DI-1000ZP, DI-1000BLE or DI-1000WiFi for -2V to +2V input range or the DI-1000ZP-5V , DI-1000BLE-5V or DI-1000WiFi-5V for an input range of 0-5 V. The wireless devices work using the XBee (802.15.4), Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi protocols. They include a rechargeable LiPo battery that can work for 1-2 hours when fully charged.

Do I need to calibrate my sensor?

We offer calibration services using NIST traceable standards. So when you buy from us, you first pick a sensor, then interface and then a calibration service followed by software, display and any expedited processing options. Lastly you pick a shipping method. We require you to add a calibration service to the order so it is ready to use out of the box when you get it. A calibration service is included as part of the service.

For pressure sensors, we do NOT offer calibration services. Instead we just pass through the calibration certificate provided by the original manufacturer and burn the coefficients into the interface device and do a sanity check to make sure it looks Ok to us.

What software should I use with my sensor?

If you are using just one load cell or weight scale our LoadVUE Pro software will allow you to display, log and plot data on a Windows PC or Wiindows Tablet. We also offer a free LoadVUE iOS software to display load/force data from a resisitve load cell or scale mated with a DI-1000WiFi or DI-1000BLE.

If you need to work with multiple load cells or with different types of sensors (for e.g. force and displacement) then use the SensorVUE software which alllows you to display, log and plot data from any number and any type of sensor at up to 1 KHz!

If you need to control an external device such as a motor or pump or valve, then use our ControlVUE software which offers all features offered by SensorVUE plus supports USB Relays.

What display options do I have?

The best display for your application would be to use a PC or Tablet running Windows 8/10 with one of our software with rich graphical user interface. If that is not an option we offer the DS-3000-Pro Touch Screen LCD Display as an add on.

If you are using just one load cell or weight scale our DS-3000-Pro-1 will let you Tare and Display data. If you need a display for up to four load cells, then use the DS-3000-Pro-4.

If you need to display data from other types of sensors or want to display, log and plot data then it is best to use SensorVUE software on a TouchScreen PC/Tablet like the Surface Series offered by Microsoft.

How can I get pricing information?

You can register on our website, login and see all prices, download spec sheets and solid models. You can also send us an email with your contact information and shipping address and we will be happy to send you a formal quote.

What is your return policy?

We give you a 30 day guarantee for you purchase. Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy and contact us if you face any issues with your product(s).

Any calibration service fees, shipping and payment fees cannot be refunded.

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