ImageimPress Pressure Sensor with Interface and Software
imPress Pressure Sensor

Pressure is by definition the force applied over a certain area. Pressure can be applied by solids or by liquids and gases. Generally when used collquially, the term pressure is used for fluids. For the measurement of such pressures we offer the imPress series Pressure Sensors. They can be used with our USB and Wireless Interfaces to connect with a PC like our other force/weight/load sensors and works with SensorVUE software to display, log and plot pressure data with other compatible sensors on a Windows PC or Tablet.

 The pressure sensors are made by a partner and are supplied with a mV/V rating similar to a load cell. The impress series generally has a 50 mV full scale output change in response to a 5V input voltage and come with a nominal voltage that be entered into the DI-1000 Sensor Interfaces to get calibrated values.  These sensors should be calibrated properly by a third party calibration house in order to get NIST/ISO conforming certificates.

You can buy just the Pressure Sensors or buy Pressure Sensor Kits with interface devices such as analog signal conditioners, digital USB or wireless load cell interfaces and software as complete ready to use kits.


  • Capacities
    The Pressure Sensors are available from 0-300 psi (absolute pressure) or 0-10K psi (gage pressure)

  • Calibration Mode
    Sensors come with a manufacturer certificate of calibration. We do NOT calibrate here before shipping. 

  • Accuracy Class & Compensated Temperature Range
    +/- 1% of full scale from -10C to 40C

  • Construction and Use
    Rugged solid state design; Stainless steel construction;
    High stability and low drift 

  • UART/USB Output
    Use DI-1000U with USB output to connect with PCs, Macs, or Linux machines.

    Wireless Output
    Wireless output via XBee (802.15.4) or WiFi or BLE. Includes rechargeable battery.

    IP-65 Protection

  • Customize
    Call us for larger capacities or other unique needs. We can custom build them to order as needed.

Pressure Sensor Configurations

These pressure sensors are based on the classic wheatstone balanced bridge network design using strain gages. The baseline output is mV/V i.e. if you supply say 10V to the sensor, then the output voltage may vary from 0 mV to 100 mV for a 10 mV/V device. They can be mated and used with digital or analog signal conditioners (digital or analog interfaces) to connect with PCs, PLCs, or simple LCD diplays. We offer the following options:

USB Pressure Sensors with DI-1000U Configuration

If you need to do testing and data gathering or want to display values on a PC/Tablet via USB, simply connect the pressure to the DI-1000U Digital Load Cell Interface & use the USB connector on the DI-1000 to connect to a PC via the USB port. The DI-1000U is a signal conditioner & 24-bit digitizer (good enough to handle load cells with 0.02% of full scale accuracy) and handles all the communications functions to talk with USB port of a PC.  When connected this way, the pressure sensor appears on the PC as a virtual COM port. Using a standard terminal emulator you can send commands to the sensor to display pressures on screen. They can be displayed either one reading at a time or in continuous operation mode. You can also use Matlab, LabView or other popular programs to communicate and get calibrated readings from the pressure sensor. It would be best if used with our SensorVUE application to display, log or plot data on a PC.

imPress Pressure Sensor with 24 Bit USB Output DI-1000U and Software SensorVUE
Kit Includes:

imPress Pressure Sensor
DI-1000U Load Cell Interface
SensorVUE Software
Nominal Calibration Included

Wireless Pressure Sensor Configuration

You can use these pressure sensors wirelessly by connecting it to our DI-1000ZP wireless load cell interface. This configuration allows you to wirelessly connect to a Windows/Unix/Mac computer. On a Windows platform, you can use our SensorVUE software to display, log and plot pressure vs time data effortlessly. The DI-1000ZP uses the 802.15.4 protocol and offers robust connectivity to about 1000 feet in industrial environments. It comes with a battery backup for cordless operation for a couple of hours. If you wish to connect via WiFi or BLE we offer the DI-1000WiFi and DI-1000BLE that makes it easy to communicate with Smartphones as well.

imPress Pressure Sensor with Wireless Output DI-1000ZP DI-1000BLE DI-1000WiFi and Software SensorVUE
Kit Includes:

imPress Pressure Sensor
DI-1000ZP Sensor Interface
SensorVUE Software
Nominal Calibration Included

SensorVUE Software

Our SensorVUE PC software allows you to mix and match different kinds of sensors and display, log and plot all of them within a single interface. At the present time it can handle force, weight, load, torque, level and pressure sensors at data rates up to 1 Khz (if you are using the DI-1000UHS-1K for e.g.). It can handle an unlimited number of compatible digital sensors as long as the computing device can handle it.

SensorVUE Software

Application Development

If you are looking to develop your own custom software application, our digital USB and wireless sensor interfaces also known as digital signal conditioners offer convenient ASCII commands to obtain load information directly from the interfaces/load cells without need for any additional signal conditioning or data processing. With just a few commands you'll be able to incorporate sensor information into your application. You can also use Visual Basic, Visual C++, Matlab, LABView or any other application development environment to create your custom applications with our interfaces.

See our support pages for details.


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