You will find drivers, sample code and other useful utilities here. Spec Sheets and Solid models are under a different menu option under Support.


Device Drivers (for iLoad Series Load Cells, DI-100U/DI-1000U/DQ-1000U/DQ-4000/SC-1200 interfaces)

Watch a video on Driver Installation and Configuration of an interface using Putty

If you run into difficulties during or after installation and have trouble with connecting to the sensors from your PC/Tablet, then please take a look at this blog post for some suggestions and steps you can take to troubleshoot the issues. Send an email to for help. We are available between 10:00 and 6:00 Pacific Daylight time.

Sample Code to help you Get Started

We are continually updating our software to keep up with operating system changes. In addition, we continuously fix bugs and add/improve features to make our software better. In light of that, if you purchased software within the past 1 year, we can provide a link to download and install it. Otherwise, please contact us to purchase a new copy. 

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