You can download the drivers and software for your applications.


iLoad Digital Drivers (for iLoad Series Load Cells, DI-100U/DI-1000U/DQ-1000U/DQ-4000/SC-1200 load cell interfaces)

Driver Installation and Hyperterminal Operation (PDF)

If you run into difficulties during or after installation and have trouble with connecting to the sensors from your PC/Tablet, then please take a look at this blog post for some suggestions and steps you can take to troubleshoot the issues. Send an email to for help. We are available between 10:00 and 6:00 Pacific Daylight time.


Download LoadVUE (LV-100) Load Cell Display Software for Windows

  • This is a zip file. Please extract the contents to a(ny) folder.
  • This software needs Microsoft .NET 3.5. Your version of windows may not be preinstalled with this version of .NET. Please use Turn Windows Features On/Off to install 3.5. Please see this document for more info.
  • Then run setup.exe to install the software. Required drivers will automatically be installed.


Force/Weight Measurement


Download LoadVUE (LV-100) Load Cell Display Software for Mac

Please follow instructions in the included ReadMe.Txt file.

Many thanks to Shashank Bhargava & Hemang Jangle for providing us this version.

Utilities for Remote Support
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