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Sometimes an application needs just a simple display connected to a load cell to display forces. For example on an assembly line where a worker needs to see it on a simple screen to help him apply a certain force during a manufacturing step. For such instances, we offer our DS-3000-Pro touch screen LCD display. It comes in a single channel version that supoorts one digital USB or BLE load cell or a four channel version that supports up to four USB or BLE load cells.

You can buy just the display to use with an existing digital load cell solution or buy a complete kit with Load Cells, USB or wireless BLE interface device and a display.

DS-3000-Pro Touch Screen Display Quick Links


The DS-3000-Pro display can be used with any of our USB or Wireless BLE load cell solutions. When powered up, it launches straight into an application that shows available connected USB load cells or Load Cell + USB/wireless BLE Interface pairs. A user can select the device to display values from, choose the units in which the values are to be displayed (lbs, Kgs, N etc.), zero out any initial values (Tare) and start displaying force/weight information on the LCD touch screen.

The devices/configurations supported include:

  • iLoad/iLoad TR/iLoad Pro USB Capacitive Load Cells 
  • iLoad Mini + DQ-1000U USB Capacitive Load Cell Kit 
  • Any of our resistive load cells paired with the DI-100U USB Load Cell Interface 
  • Any of our resistive load cells paired with the DI-1000U USB Load Cell Interface 
  • Any of our resistive load cells paired with the DI-1000BLE Wireless Load Cell Interface.

The device is powered by a 5V switchable power adapter that is provided as part of the purchase. Connect the sensor+interface devices into the USB port or power up the resistive load cell with the DI-1000BLE interface and then turn on DS-3000-Pro to activate the display.

The four channel version displays the individual as well as the total of up to four connected digital USB or BLE load cells. It also offers Peak and Low values of the total force on the display. So please buy the four channel version if you need that feature.

Button Load Cell with USB Interface and Display

If you need to display force values on a simple LCD display, simply connect the load cell to the DI-1000U Digital Load Cell Interface & use the USB connector on the DI-1000 to connect to the USB port of the DS-3000-Pro. If you need to log or plot data then you can connect the DI-1000U output to a PC and use LoadVUE Pro software to display, log and plot data.

RSB2 Button Digital Load Cell with 24 Bit USB Output DI-1000U and DS-3000-Pro-1-Channel
Suggested Kit:

RSB2 Button Load Cell
DI-1000U Load Cell Interface
Add Compression Calibration


Load Cell with Wireless Interface and Display

If you want a wireless load cell kit with a display, you can buy one with a load cell that is connected to a DI-1000BLE wireless load cell interface. The DS-3000-Pro can connect to the DI-1000BLE wirelessly and display force values on a touch screen LCD.

RAS1 S-Beam Digital Load Cell with DI-1000ZP and DS-3000-Pro-1-Channel Touch Screen Display
Suggested Kit:

RAS1 S-Beam Load Cell
DI-1000BLE Load Cell Interface
Add Calibration
Add Accessories


Four USB Load Cell Kit with Four Channel Display

The four channel DS-3000-Pro 4 Channel version LCD Display can be used to display force values from up to four connected USB load cells. The USB load cells can be either a load cell connected to a DI-100U or DI-1000U or up to four load cells connected to a DI-400U

REB5 Mini Digital Load Cell Four Sensor Kit with USB Output DI-400U and DS-3000-Pro-4-Channel
Suggested Kit:

Four REB5 Button Load Cells
DI-400U 4 Channel USB Interface
DS-3000-Pro-4 Four Channel Display
SensorVUE Software
Add Calibration


Displays for Capacitive USB Load Cells

The DS-3000-Pro displays work with capacitive as well as resistive load cells. They are compatible with the iLoad Series load cells including the iLoad, iLoad TR and iLoad Pro USB load cells. They are also compatible with the iLoad Mini and iLoad Mini Pro load cells when connected with the DQ-1000U USB Load Cell interfaces and calibrated together as show below.

Capacitive Load Cell iLoad Mini DQ-1000 DS-3000pro
Suggested Kit:

iLoad Mini Load Cell
DQ-1000U USB Interface
Calibration in Tension
DS-3000-Pro-1 Display
Add Accessories

Capacitive Load Cell with DS-3000-Pro LCD Display

The DS-3000-Pro displays work with capacitive as well as resistive load cells. They are compatible with the iLoad Series load cells including the iLoad, iLoad TR and iLoad Pro USB load cells. If you don't want to use a PC or PLC and just want a simple LCD display, you can use our DS-3000-Pro Touch Screen LCD Display as shown below with an iLoad Pro USB load cell.

Capacitive Load Cell with DS-3000 Pro LCD Touch Screen Display
Suggested Kit:

iLoad Pro USB Load Cell
DS-3000-Pro-1 Touch Screen Display
Compression Calibration
Cable & USB Dongle




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How do I display force values without a PC?

This display was developed precisely to allow a user to display forces without using a PC or Tablet for various reasons

What are the inputs/outputs from the DS-3000-Pro?

The display can accept either capacitive USB load cells or resistive load cells connected to a DI-100U, DI-1000U or DI-400U USB Load Cell Interface.

How many load cells can it display from?

We offer two versions. A single channel version - the DS-3000-Pro-1 and the four channel version - the DS-3000-Pro-4. The four channel version can accept and display from up to four connected USB or BLE load cells or load cell+ interface pairs.

Can it operate on a battery?

The DI-1000BLE has a built in rechargeable battery that can work cordlessly for 1-2 hours on a full eight hour recharge. The DS-3000-Pro display requires a 5V power supply through a micro USB connector. If you have a back battery pack with a micro USB output then you can operate the display on a battery.

Is the Display NTEP rated?

NTEP is standard set by the US Dept. of Commerce for weighing systems used for trade to sell products by weight. If you sell say coffee beans by the lb then you are supposed to use an NTEP rated scale (and hence an NTEP rated load cell). The Display is NOT NTEP Rated. But if you use an NTEP rated load cell with the DI-1000U USB or DI-1000BLE that can handle better than +/- 0.02% accuracy needs, then you should be able to get it certified yourself if needed.

What interfaces are compatible with the display?

Any resisitve load cell that is mated with a DI-100U or DI-1000U or DI-400U or wirelessly via BLE protocol (DI-1000BLE) is compatible with the DS-3000-Pro display. Any Capacitive load cell with USB output directly or via a DQ-1000U or DQ-4000U is compatible with the display.

Can you connect the display to a PC ?

No. Currently you can go from the usb interface to a PC directly. Or you can go to the display. You cannot go from the display to the PC yet.

Do you offer calibration service?

Yes. We offer calibration service on new sensor purchases as well as recalibration service for previously purchased sensors. We use NIST traceable reference standards to perform and validate the calibration and provide a free calibration certificate as part of the service. We are NOT ISO certified.

How can I get pricing information?

You can register on our website, login and see all prices, download spec sheets and solid models. You can also send us an email with your contact information and shipping address and we will be happy to send you a formal quote.

What is your return policy?

We give you a 30 day guiarantee for you purchase. You can exchange or return your purchased products for a refund of the purchase price of the product. Any calibration service fees, shipping and payment fees cannot be refunded. Feel free to try out our products risk free and see for yourself how easy we make it for you!

What is the typical lead time?

We need between one and two weeks usually to ship your order for items in stock. This is because we have to make your sensor, interface and calibrate them together, make sure the quality meets all specs and then pack and ship it to you. We offer expedited processing options if you are in a rush and need to get sensors sooner. If out of stock or if sensors are needed in volume, we could take 4-6 weeks or longer. Please contact us to get an estimate of price and lead time for your particular needs.

Do you offer educational discount?

We believe teaching young kids and encouraging R&D is crucial to make this world a better place. We support teaching and research activities in educational institutions with a 10% education discount on purchased products in exchange for sharing write ups, pictures, video clips and other material we can use in our marketing materials on and off line.

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