iLoad Mini Miniature Capacitive Load Cell
iLoad Low Profile Digital Load Cell with UART/USB Output

The iLoad low profile Digital USB load cells are only 3" in diameter and only about 0.5" high and are great for measuring in-line compressive loads and forces under room temperature conditions where one can tare the reading at zero load, place the load and take a measurement. 

At a raw level it offers UART for easy connection with Arduino and other MicroControllers. With the included S2U Serial to USB adapter, it offers connectivity with PCs, Macs and Unix machines via the USB port. It is also powered by the USB port so no need for external power, signal conditioners or data acquisition systems!

The iLoad Series comes in a rugged, stainless steel body for industrial grade applications and convenient threaded mounting holes for easy mounting to plates and platforms.

Loadstar’s iLoad Low Profile Digital USB series of load cells provides unprecedented integration of sensing and measurement electronics in a single low profile body, to make it easy to measure, log and plot forces and loads directly on your PC with our LoadVUE Pro, SensorVUE or ControlVUE software. The built in ASCII command set provides an easy to use API to build your own custom applications.

If you are looking for an integrated, software friendly Load Cell to measure compressive loads and forces over short time periods in a temperature controlled indoor environment, you will not find a better or more convenient load cell than the iLoad Pro digital load cell!
  • Capacities
    iLoad load cells are available in 50 lb, 100 lb, 250 lb, 500 lb capacities

  • Calibration Mode
    Usable for Compression measurements only

  • Accuracy Class & Compensated Temperature Range
    +/- 0.25% to +/- 1% of Full Scale from 10C to 40C non-condensing

  • Built in API
  • ASCII command set enables you to write your own software using Python, C, C++. C#, LabVIEW, Matlab and other languages

  • Mounting
    Threaded Mounting Holes on Each End of Load Cell. No need for additional adapters for most applications.

  • UART/USB Output
    Use UART to connect with Arduino or other microprocessors. Or use with S2U Serial to USB adapter to connect with PCs via USB.

    Optional Analog Output
    Analog 0-5V DC output via  pigtail or through the HX-100 Hybrid Adapter

    Unique Feature
    iLoad offers direct measurement of loads via the USB port of a PC. No need of signal conditioner, DAQ, or special software.

  • Construction and Use
    Rugged, stainless steel construction. Compact low profile design. Mecahnically robust. Weather resistant (not waterproof) packaging.

  • Customize
    Call us for larger capacities or other unique needs. We can custom build them for you as needed.

Mounting Options

The iLoad Pro load cells have threaded mounting holes on each end. One can sandwich the load cell between two plates or attach ropes/cables/hooks using eye bolts or swiveling rod ends. The sensors can be mounted in any orientation. Does not need to be verically mounted. The measured force will be the relative force applied between the two ends of the load cell.

iLoad Pro Capacitive Load Cell for Compression and Tension

Use a steel ball to align and center the applied load axially. Do not apply moments. Force should be axially aligned with center of load cell.

iLoad Capacitive Load Cell for Compression only

Load Cell can be attached to a base plate using three screws from below. The load can be applied to the top of the load cell over the "crater". Do not screw anything into the hole on top!

Here's How it Works


Simply connect the digital load cell to a PC via the USB port. The digital load cell appears on the PC as a virtual COM port. The capacitive sensing element transduces a frequency output signal which is then processed to obtain calibrated forces and output via UART/USB. You can use a standard terminal emulator such as Putty, to send commands to the sensor and obtain calibrated forces. Or you can use our LoadVUE program to display, log and plot force data on a PC or Tablet (Win 8/10). This is an excellent moderate accuracy integrated load cell for room temperature applications.

iLoad Low Profile USB Load Cell
Add to your Kit:

iLoad Digital USB Load Cell
LV-1000 LoadVUE Pro Software

You could also connect the iLoad directly to DS-3000-Pro LCD display. This eliminates the need of a PC/Tablet.

iLoad with DS-3000-Pro LCD Display
Add to your Kit:

iLoad Digital USB Load Cell
DS-3000-Pro-1 Channel

Optional Analog Load Cell Output / Hybrid Analog and Digital Load Cell Output Configuration


Our iLoad Series capacitive load cells can optionally output an Analog 0-5 V DC output from the same sensor! This analog output is in addition to the normal digital Serial TTL or USB output (via S2U Adapter) that is available as a standard feature. If you purchase the optional HX-100 hybrid load cell breakout board, then you can get easy access to the analog as well as the digital output. You can also access the Tx, Rx pins to connect your load cell to an Arduino or other microcontrollers. You can order the optional analog calibration when ordering these digital load cells.

iLoad USB Load Cell with Analog Output
Add to your Kit:

iLoad USB Load Cell
HX-100 Hybrid Interface
LV-1000 LoadVUE Pro Software

16 Bit Four Sensor USB Kit


Sometimes you need multiple load cells to measure the forces acting at multiple points. An example of this is to build a large platform scale or a center of gravity scale. In those cases you may want to use this four load cell kit with a HX-400 Four Channel USB Hub and SensorVUE software to display, log and plot data on Windows PC or Tablet. 

iLoad Digital Load Cell Four Sensor Kit with USB Output HX-400 and Software SensorVUE
Add to your Kit:

Four iLoad USB Load Cells
HX-400 4 Channel USB Hub
SensorVUE Software

16 Bit Four Sensor USB Kit with DS-3000-Pro-4 Channel


You could connect four iLoad Pro load cells directly to DS-3000-Pro-4 Channel Touch Screen LCD Display. 

iLoad Digital Load Cell Four Sensor Kit with DS-3000-Pro-4 Channel
Add to your Kit:

Four iLoad USB Load Cells
DS-3000-Pro-4 Channel

Application Development

If you are looking to develop your own custom software application, our iLoad digital USB load cells offer convenient ASCII commands to obtain calibrated load information directly from the interfaces/load cells without need for any signal conditioning or data processing. With just a few commands you'll be able to incorporate load/force/weight information into your application. You can use Python, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Matlab, LABView or any other application development environment to create your custom applications with our load cells.

See our support pages for details.

You can access Sample Code for Visual Basic, Matlab, Python, Arduino and customize it for your own needs.


Register on our site and download the Spec-sheets and Solid Models.


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Solid Models
Solid Models

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Watch and Learn

iLoad Pro with Tension Adapter

iLoad Pro Introduction and Use

iLoad Hybrid - Digital & Analog Output

What is special about the iLoad Series Load Cell?

The iLoad Load Cell is a Capacitive Load Cell that works on the principle of change of frequency in response to applied loads. It is intergrated with sensing and processing electronics and embedded firmware to apply calibrations and output calibrated force values. It is single body solution with UART and USB (using an S2 adapter) output. It is only 0.5 inch in height and is to be used exclusively for compression testing applications. It is very similar to the iLoad Pro and iLoad TR but is about 3" in diameter and only 0.5 inch high.

How is it different from iLoad Pro/TR load cells?

While the iLoad Series load cells can only be used for compression force measurements, the iLoad Pro load cells are designed for tension and/or compression force measurement. They have a threaded hole at the top and three threaded holes on the bottom that makes it easy to attach eye bolts or rod-ends into which hooks or pins can be inserted. The iLoad Pro has a rugged strain relief built in with the output cable that makes it better suited for industrial grade applications. All of them can be ordered with analog 0-5 VDC output.

What is the accuracy of the load cells?

The accuracy of load cells is divided into non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability each of which is of the order of +/- 0.25% of full scale. The overall accuracy at room temperature with Tare and Read is of the order of +/- 0.25% of full scale. Which means that on a 100 lb load cell the worst accuracy along the entire range of 0 to 100 lbs would be +/- 0.25 lbs. For a 1000 lb load cell it would be within +/- 25 lbs. This assumes axial loads with no moments or side load and steady state room temperature conditions.

Is the iLoad USB Load Cell temperature compensated?

The iLoad load cell is NOT waterproof. The sensor is dust proof and can be used in non condensing environments from about 10C to 40C. The sensor is best used in room temperature controlled environments. Not recommended for condensing cold environments where moisture can seep in.

Do you offer signal conditioners and displays?

The iLoad Pro does not need any external signal conditioner. The electronics are built into the body of the load cell. You can use an HX-100 HYbrid load cell adapter to make it easy to get the optional analog 0-5 VDC output. If you need a physical display and don't want to use a PC, then simply connect to our DS-3000-Pro touch screen LCD display to show values on a physical display.

What compatible software do you offer?

We offer free LoadVUE Lite software to display force/weight on a Windows 8/10 PC/Tablet. The LoadVUE Pro software allows you to display, log & plot force/weight data, recalibrate sensors and get remote support. SensorVUE extends support to an unlimited number of sensors as well as all types of sensors we offer. ControlVUE software extends the functionality offered by SensorVUE and adds the ability to control external devices based on sensor values through a USB Relay with one to eight channel. Our sensors and interfaces allow you to write your own code as well! We also offer customization and custom softrware development services to meet your specific needs!

Length of output cable? Is S2U included?

The iLoad Pro load cell typically has a 6 foot cable with an S2U Serial to USB adapter included as part of the purchase. An optional 10 ft cable is available as an option. If you need to extend the cable beyond the 6/10 ft then purchase the UX-100 USB Extender cable. It adds 5m or 15 feet to the cable length. You can daisy chain three of these if needed to add an additional 45 feet to the 6 foot or 10 foot output cable. 

Do you offer calibration service?

Yes. We offer calibration service on new sensor purchases as well as recalibration service for previously purchased sensors. We use NIST traceable reference standards to perform and validate the calibration and provide a free calibration certificate as part of the service. Note that although we are NOT ISO certified, we follow stringent internal quality processes to ensure excellent accuracy traceable to NIST standards.

How can I get pricing information?

You can register on our website, login and see all prices, download spec sheets and solid models. You can also send us an email with your contact information and shipping address and we will be happy to send you a formal quote.

What is your return policy?

We give you a 30 day guiarantee for you purchase. You can exchange or return your purchased products for a refund of the purchase price of the product. Any calibration service fees, shipping and payment fees cannot be refunded. Feel free to try out our products risk free and see for yourself how easy we make it for you!

What is the typical lead time?

We need between one and two weeks usually to ship your order for items in stock. This is because we have to make your sensor, interface and calibrate them together, make sure the quality meets all specs and then pack and ship it to you. We offer expedited processing options if you are in a rush and need to get sensors sooner. If out of stock or if sensors are needed in volume, we could take 4-6 weeks or longer. Please contact us to get an estimate of price and lead time for your particular needs.

Do you offer educational discount?

We believe teaching young kids and encouraging R&D is crucial to make this world a better place. We support teaching and research activities in educational institutions with a 10% education discount on purchased products in exchange for sharing write ups, pictures, video clips and other material we can use in our marketing materials on and off line.

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