HX-100 Breakout Board
HX-100 Breakout Board

The HX-100 break-out board helps users of our iLoad Series digital load cells (iLoad, iLoadTR and iLoad Pro), get easy access to the analog output of the load cell via a terminal block. It can also be used to access the Serial TTL pins (UART Pins - Tx and Tr) to communicate with devices such as the iLoad Series USB load cells or with USB load cell interfaces like the DI-100U, the DQ-1000U, the DQ-4000U, the DS-4000U or the SC-1200 sensor router.

When ordering an analog iLoad Series load cell (iLoad, iLoad TR or iLoad Pro Analog) using this HX-100 board, one can obtain both of the following outputs simultaneously:
- A digital readout on a PC for logging application via USB using the S2U Serial TTL to USB Dongle and/or
- An analog 0-5V DC signal as an input into a DAQ or a PLC.

To get this "hybrid" output one MUST order the analog version of the iLoad Series load cell which automatically includes the analog 0-5 V Calibration. The key advantage of using this adapter is that a user can use the iLoad Series load cells in USB mode or in Analog mode or both if he/she chooses to do so. The Analog only version of the iLoad, iLoad TR and iLoad Pro load cells come with a pig-tail version of the cable with no miniB USB connector on the end. If using this version you cannot access the digital UART pins of the load cell easily nor can you connect the load cell via S2U to the USB port of a PC.

  • This board also gives a convenient access to the Tx Rx pins of the UART output if you want to talk to the iLoad Series load cells using an Arduino board or some other MicroController for an embedded application.
  • If you would like access to the Serial TTL pins coming from or to the USBA adapter, you can take a look at our HX-100 breakout board.

PLEASE NOTE this is a proprietary adapter designed for use with Loadstar Sensors products only.  Do not substitute with other adapters since this might damage your load cells.


  • Injection molded FTDI Serial to USB chip
  • Mini B USB Connector on Serial TTL end and USB A Connector on USB Output end
  • Drivers provided with Compatible with Windows , LINUX and MacOS
  • Compatible with Loadstar's DQ-1000, DQ-4000, DI-100 and DS-4000 products each of which can be used in Serial TTL mode for direction communication with Arduino and other microcontrollers with Serial communication 


  • Plug and Sense Simplicity
  • Simultaneous USB & Analog output
  • Access to UART Pins (Tx, Rx)
  • Access to Analog 0-5V DC Output
  • Large 4000 mV typical change for full load
  • Power from PC's USB port or from power adapter
  • Preserves ability to function in digital or analog mode
Use HX-100 to Connect Load Cell to Arduino
HX-100 Breakout Board - get USB and Analog Output simultaneously
Connect Load Cell to PC and Analog Devices Simultaneously
HX-100 Breakout Board to connect to PC and DAQ, Voltmeter, Display, Arduino
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