Loadstar Sensors Releases Hybrid Load Cell Interface with Simultaneous Digital & Analog Outputs

October 15, 2009

HX-100 hybrid load cell interface provides both digital USB and analog 0-5VDC output so that developers can develop analog load cell applications while viewing digital data on their PCs.

Fremont Ca -- Loadstar Sensors Inc. announces tannounces the availability of its HX-100 hybrid load cell interface for the iLoad Series digital load cells.

The HX-100 allows a user to simultaneously obtain both digital as well as analog output from the same load cell. Just connect one end of a iLoad digital USB load cell to the HX-100 and the other end to a PC. The load cell outputs calibrated load data in Lbs/Newtons/Kgs on the PC while outputting a high level 0-5VDC analog output at the same time. The HX-100 enables you to input the force data into a data acquisition system or programmable logic controller while monitoring the data digitally on a PC or Mac.


The highlights of this solution are:

  • Digital USB and Analog Output from hybrid load cell interface
  • Amplified 0-5VDC analog output
  • Load cell powered by USB port or externally supplied 5V adapter
  • Calibrated load/force digital output in Lbs/Kgs/Newtons in ASCII format
  • ASCII command set for easy software integration
  • Compatibility with PCs running Windows XP or Vista
  • On demand or continuous mode for display of loads
  • Optional LoadVUE software allows user to log and plot data on a PC

"The HX-100 is the world's first load cell interface to offer both digital as well as analog outputs from a load cell - simultaneously!" says Div Harish, President & CEO of Loadstar Sensors, Inc. "Our digital USB load cell solutions are very popular for test & measurement applications and for building OEM products. Now developers can also get analog output that can be directly input into their PLCs or micro-controllers. The simultaneous availability of digital and analog data will cut the development and debug time by up to 50-60%."

For more information about the HX-100, please visit the hybrid interface page or call 510-623-9600.

About Loadstar Sensors, Inc.
Established in 2004, Loadstar Sensors, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of capacitive load cells with USB & wireless output for automotive, aerospace, medical device, industrial and consumer applications. Our Plug and Sense® load cell technology offers high sensitivities in an easy to use, mechanically rugged, low profile package. We partner with leading OEMs to incorporate load cells and digital interfaces into mass market products.