SensorVUE (SV-1000)

Multi Channel, Multi Sensor Software to Display, Log and Plot  Sensor Data on a Windows PC or Tablet.

Our flagship software works with any of our digital sensors - force/weight, torque, pressure, level and impact force measurement up to 1 KHz data capture rate. We highly recommend that you purchase this software, even if you plan to write your own software.

SensorVUE SV-1000 software to connect to multiple load cells, sensors and display, log, and plot data

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SensorVUE User Guide

Using SensorVUE

Upgrading your Software

Setting up Latency Timer


The LoadVUE Lite free software only shows you load/force/weight values as a text display for one sensor only. The LV-1000 LoadVUE Pro Software to access all the features outlined above but only for load/force/weight measurement for one sensor only. SensorVUE is the software that allows to you work with any type of sensor we offer as well as any number of sensors your PC/Tablet can support.

  • Multiple Channels - Force/Load/Weight/Pressure/Torque/Level
  • Peak/Low Value
  • Remote Support
  • Recalibration Utility
  • Support for data rates up to 1000 Hz
  • Select Units
  • Touch screen & Tablet friendly
  • Compatible with recent versions of Windows 8/10
  • Arrange Windows to any size location on screen
  • Generate Derived values (formula sensors)


Register on our site and download the Spec-sheets and Solid Models for RAS1.


Download Technical Specifications

User Guide
User Guide

Download User Guide


Plotting Data

SensorVue SV-1000 Multi Sensor Software

Raw sensor readings as well as Peak and Low values can be plotted as a X-Y (Force vs. Time) plot. Additional l data such as derived values (Formula sensors) as well as averaged and /or median readings can also be plotted to remove unwanted sensor noise, damp vibrations etc.

Logging Data

Data can be logged to Excel compatible CSV files. Depending on the sensor, data logging at different rates can be captured from a drop down list up to a maximum of 1000 Hz. 

SensorVUE SV-1000 Software for multiple sensors

Select Units

SensorVUE SV-1000 Software for multiple sensors

Sensor Data can be read in many applicable units, for example:

  • Pounds, Newton, Kilogram, Grams for force/weight sensors
  • Inches, millimeters for displacement sensors.

Formula Sensors to Generate Derivative Values

Combine one or more sensors to create a virtual sensor. Simple formulas (using the 4 basic operations: + - * / ) can be used to create a virtual sensor. For example if you are using a force sensor and know the area under the force, you can plot the stress by creating a formula Force/Area. You can then log, plot, set alarms on, etc these virtual sensors just as you would a real sensor. You can even combine formula sensors to create a new formula sensor.

SensorVUE SV-1000 Software for multiple sensors

Log Data to Cloud

SensorVUE SV-1000 Logging data form multiple sensors to cloud

Data can be logged to SensorVUE Cloud and can be retrieved later for post-processing. You can see all your logged files and download them from the Cloud.

Average and Median Filters

These filters can be applied to sensors to filter out unwanted noise and vibrations from the raw readings.

SensorVUE SV-1000 Software for multiple sensors


LoadVUE Pro LV-1000

Audio alarms can configured to trigger when specific conditions are met, for example, when load exceeds a specified limit. Emails and/or text messages can be sent when audio alarms are triggered.

You can use this feature during manufacturing operations for e.g. to let a technician know when a certain force threshold has been met.

Upgrade to ControlVUE

Upgrade to ControlVUE software to turn external devices such as motors, lamps, sirens, pumps etc on/off based on sensor values using USB relays. 

ControlVUE - Control devices and get alerts
Up to 8 External Devices can be controlled using 1, 2 or 8 Channel USB Relays

Feature Comparison


LoadVUE Lite

LoadVUE Pro





Type of Sensors
Force (Weight)
Force (Weight)
Force (Weight)
Force (Weight)
Force (Weight) Torque Pressure Level Displacement Temperature
Force (Weight) Torque Pressure Level Displacement Temperature
Supported Sensors





Limited by USB Ports Only

Limited by USB Ports Only

Log Readings to .CSV File
Plot Readings
Change Units
Display Peak/Low Values
Email/SMS/Audible Alerts
Secondary Axis Plots
Non-Time Axis Plots (e.g. Force vs. Displacement)
Resize, Move, Place Elements on Screen and Save Configuration
View X-Y Plot in Real Time
Zoom into Graphs
Overlay Graphs from Multiple Runs
Max Data Rate Supported (Readings/sec)




Up to 50KHz



Log/Plot Derived Values (eg. Stress from Force & Area, Strain from Force & Displacement)
Control Relays
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