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Troubleshooting a DI-1000HS-10K Impact Sensor Interface

If you are getting inaccurate or noisy readings from a DI-1000HS-10K interface, follow the steps outline below to troubleshoot. You will also need a voltmeter.

  1. Disconnect only the green and white wires (SIG+ and SIG-) from the terminal block. Leave all the other wires (red, black, shield etc connected)
    DI-1000HS-10K troubleshooting
  2. Power the unit using the power adapter. This actually powers the internal signal conditioner
  3. Disconnect the USB cable.
  4. Remove any load from the load cell. If you have any metal plates mounted on the load cell, please remove them as well.
  5. Please check to make sure that all the connections are tight.
  6. Now check the voltage between the red and black wires (pins 1 and 2) using the voltmeter. Red +ve, black -ve. Use DC Volts setting. You should be able to just touch the heads of the screws (EXC+ and EXC-) to read the voltage. You should read about 5 V DC. This indicates that we are supplying the right power to the load cell.
  7. Now check the voltage between the (disconnected) green and white wires.  Green +ve, white -ve. Use DC millivolt settings if you have them. You should read about 0 (zero) or 1 mvolt. This is the output of the load cell at no load and a reading of zero indicates that the load cell is balanced. If you apply some load at this point, you will see the mVolt reading going up. This means the load cell is probably not at fault.
  8. If you do get a high voltage (even 5 or 10 mV) when the load cell is not loaded,  it is very likely that the load cell is damaged.
  9. If you suspect this may be the case, it is probably a good idea to double check by:
    • Complete disconnect all the load cell wires from the terminal block. Power the load cell with a 9V battery - red +ve, black -ve.
      DI-1000HS-10K troubleshooting
    • Then check the voltage between green and white wires at zero load.

If you suspect the load cell is probably bad, please contact Loadstar Sensors.

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