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Safety is not expensive, it is Priceless!

PPE-Horrizontal-Version-2 Never Run Out of PPE Supplies or Inventory

Until we get everyone vaccinated, we need to keep everyone safe. But How?

For that we need to ensure that we never run out of safety supplies like masks, cleaners, wipes, and other essential PPE equipment. That is easier said than done! How do you make it easy for employers to keep their team members safe?

The Covid-19 virus has crippled large portions of the economy. Employers are scrambling to figure out how to get their operations back on track while keeping their employees, vendors and visitors safe. Until a vaccine is here, all anyone can do is keep a safe distance, wash our hands, use sanitizer gels liberally, wipe down surfaces, spray disinfectant chemicals and wear masks or personal protection equipment (PPE). But how can employers ensure that items like soap, wipes and other essential supplies are available in adequate quantities to ensure safety of their most important assets — their team members?

Typically an office manager takes stock by counting items, writing down what is needed, estimating how much is needed for a certain duration and placing an order. The process is time consuming, labor intensive and is susceptible to human error. Buying too much can lead to over-crowding, clutter and excess carrying costs. But buying too little or a sudden surge of unexpected consumption could lead to a stock-out. A company cannot afford to take such a serious risk with people’s lives riding on this critical task.

So how to address this pressing problem?

With StockVUE!

StockVUE is an Autonomous Solution for Inventory Management! Instead of simply storing the items like masks, gloves and wipes on shelves, you just place the items on cloud connected smart scales. The smart scales weigh the items and upload this information into the Cloud via wireless sensor routers and an IoT Gateway.

StockVUE web application keeps track of which item is on which scale and based on its weight, infers how many items are in stock. This data can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or PC through a simple web browser. Now you can be anywhere in the world and get up to the minute real time inventory counts.

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