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StockVUE - an IoT Solution making Inventory Count Itself

StockVUE - an IoT Solution making Inventory Count Itself

Customers want what they want and they want it NOW. In this era of hyper competition, having the right product, in the right quantity, at the right place can mean the difference between survival or extinction for businesses. Inventory Management is the key to satisfy customer demands. Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers are looking for better solutions to manage their inventory.

Even though businesses have sophisticated ERP software, the actual counting and data entry is done by human beings, periodically, in a labor intensive and slow process. As a result the data is not current and is prone to errors. This leads to over or under stocking of items. Under stocking leads to stockouts, shortages, delays, and lost revenue. Over stocking results in space shortages, increased carrying cost, and lower profits.

Loadstar Sensors’ StockVUE addresses these issues head on with an IoT solution based on digital smart-scales, wireless routers and Cloud technology. Smart-scales compute inventory counts based on weight and transmit the data to the StockVUE Cloud using wireless sensor routers. Data analytics, machine language, and artificial intelligence is used to identify items that need to be replenished before a stockout occurs. Real-time inventory counts can be accessed anytime, from anywhere on any device without human intervention.

The StockVUE solution is modular, versatile and flexible. It can be used with any type of rack and shelf system and with pallets placed on the floor. You can even continue to use pre-existing rack and shelf configurations. StockVUE can be used to track discrete items, bulk goods, powders, liquids in tanks, and gases in cylinders. Whereas RFID can only be used to track items that are discrete and have a certain minimum size, StockVUE can track bulk low cost, low value items too. It can track items that weigh just a few ounces to items that weigh hundreds of pounds.

By using weight as the key parameter to track items, StockVUE applies a very simple approach to deliver a powerful IoT Solution that offers:

- Remote Visibility at Remote Locations
- Real-Time Updates
- Accessibility at anytime, anywhere, on any device
- Autonomous operation with minimal human intervention
- Generation and transmission of alerts to designated people
- Automatic report and order generation

StockVUE Mobile for your Inventory on Wheels
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