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Boxing Training Tool - Measure Punch Forces and Number of Punches

Boxing Training Tool - Measure Punch Forces and Number of Punches

Boxers who want to be at the top of their game, wanted a tool to help them track how many punches they can throw in a minute, how hard the punches are, how long they can sustain the number and intensity of the punches and track the progress they made from session to session or week to week.

In order to provide such a tool, we developed our Punch Force Sensor solution with USB output.  The first image shows the punching area with a All-in-One PC above it.  The sensor is connected to a high speed load cell Interface via USB shown in the second image.  The last image shows the software screen that displays the intensity of the punch as well as the number of punches thrown in a session. 

The boxer can then start a session and have the tool capture and display the number of punches, the magnitude of the punch and a graphical display of the forces measured during the session all in one easy to use screen displayed by the software.  

While many other tools are available that are based on the results provided by an accelerometer, this is the only one of its kind that provides the actual contact forces applied by a boxer with his punch.  Our sensors are calibrated using dead weights to give accurate static measurements as well as dynamic force measurements.  We can measure these forces at either 500 hz or at up to 1 KHz.



Force Sensor Interface.jpg


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