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USB Force Sensor helps to train volunteers to do CPR

USB Force Sensor helps to train volunteers to do CPR

At least one in ten of us, in our lifetime, will see a family member, friend, or acquaintance have a cardiac arrest.  If the victim of a cardiac arrest or stroke has to wait for the Ambulance to show up and a paramedic to start CPR, the outlook for surviving the attach and full recovery is bleak.

Fewer than 10% of the victims of a cardiac arrest will get out of the hospital with brain functions intact and about 14% of the survivors will have significant neurological problems.



SLICC - a volunteer organization, conducts training classes to community members to provide CPR to victims suffering from cardiac arrest or stroke.  They used Loadstar Sensors' force measurement tool to provide feedback to volunteers as they learned to perform CPR.  It is really important to have the proper depth per stroke (about two inches per push) and have sufficient number of strokes (about 100 - 120 per minute) and also learn not to lean on to the victim while providing CPR.  The tool helped train the volunteers by providing detailed information in terms of Force vs. Time and helping teach them the most optimal way to provide CPR.  You can read the letter from Bob Trenkamp to Loadstar Sensors in its entirety here!

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