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Body Weight Sensor for Health Kiosk

Body Weight Sensor for Health Kiosk

A leading health kiosk player wanted to add the ability to measure body weight to its kiosk.  The kiosk utilized an open source PC server running Linux with custom software and wanted a easy way to talk to a weight sensor via USB.  

Loadstar Sensor's RAP3/RAP4 load cells with the DI-100U 16-bit USB Load Cell Interface turned out to be the perfect solution for this need.  With a capacity of 550 lbs, it has enough range to measure the most obese person on earth with accuracy of about +/- 0.25 lbs or better.  The DI-100U USB Load Cell Interface includes easy to use ASCII command set that provides two simple ASCII commands for "Tare" and "Read" functions using which a software engineer can quickly incorporate weight readings into his/her software in minutes!  No need to understand analog electronics, amplification of signals, digitization of signals, calibration or other arcane details!  With just two commands, one can get calibrated readings into ones application!

The RAP3/RAP4 load cells offer excellent accuracy, rugged construction, off-center loading compensation and temperature compensation from -10C to 40C all in a low-cost kit that one can buy and try out by registering and visiting this page.  This solution is good enough for small size platforms and can be incorporated under the seat where a user can be seated still while the weight is measured and because it is a single load cell solution, the cost remains low.

Single Point Load Cell with USB Output

If one wants to build a larger platform scale such as a 4 foot x 4 foot platform for sensing gait, balance and weight of a patient, then one can use Loadstar Sensors' four load cell kit as shown below:

Four load cell kit with USB Output

The above kit includes four RAP3/RAP4 load cell, one DI-400U Four Channel USB Load Cell Interface and LV-4000 software.  This four load cell kit can be purchased here.  One can build large size platform scales using this kit and leveling feet.

If you want to incorporate weight measurement into your own machine or device. you can use our RSB3 load cells with a threaded stud and attach leveling feet to them as shown below:


b2ap3_thumbnail_health-kiosk-with-four-weight-sensors.jpg Four USB Load Cell kit for Kiosks
Medical Kiosk with Weight Measurement RSB3 Load Cell kit with DI-400U Four Channel USB Interface









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