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DI-400U USB Load Cell Interface

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load cell highlights


  • Works with up to 4 resistive load cells
  • Works with devices up to 3 mV/V

PC requirements

  • Windows compatible PC (XP/Vista/7)
  • 15 MB disk space
  • 2 GB memory
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The DI-400U Digital Load Cell Interface module provide a simple, convenient method to convert up to four millivolt output (mV/V) load cells into PC friendly USB Load Cells! Just plug in your strain gauge load cells into the connectors of our DI-400U and connect the USB port to a PC and you get a PC-ready solution. Using our LoadVUE LV-4000 software you can sum the loads as well as obtain individual loads from each load cell. Ideal for use with weight scales, balance platforms, Center of Gravity scales, etc. where the platform size is large and you need to read data from the four corners of the scale.

The max data rate from each channel is about 40 Hz from the base version and up to 240 Hz from the high speed upgraded version.  Note that in order to get 240 Hz from each of the channels, you will need to use it with our LV-4000HS high speed solution.

DI-400U 4 Channel Digital Load Cell Interface



DI-400U Shown with 4 Load cells connected and LV-4000 Software

 Four channel load cell interface



Model DI-400U
Accuracy Class 0.1%
ADC Resolution 16 bit
Channels 4
Wireless Option No
Battery Option No
Load Cell Compatibility 4 Wire

How it works

To start using this interface, simply connect your resistive load cells to the terminal blocks on the DI-400U load cell interface device.  Install the drivers provided on the software CD shipped with the product.  Once installed, connect the USB output connector to your PC or tablet.

The load cell appear on a PC as four virtual COM ports. Using a standard terminal emulator you can send commands to the sensor to display loads on screen. If you type the "?" command, you can see all the available commands on the device.

Before using the load cells to measure, you need to calibrate the interface device to work with YOUR load cell.  If you purchased the interface device with a load cell from us, it will come pre-calibrated.  If you bought it stand-alone, then either enter the calibration coefficient (typically 2 mV/V) into the interface device via ASCII commands or perform a two point calibration with a known weight.  Once calibration is complete, you can view forces or weights in millipounds. Please refer to the manuals page for calibration quick start guides.

You can either display the data one at a time or display it in continuous operation mode. Alternatively, use our LoadVUE (for e.g. LV-4000) application to view/log/plot data on a PC.

Product Details
C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU ADC Bits Output Protocol Wired/Wireless Range/Cable Max Data Rate Price Quantity
DI-400U 16 USB (VCOM) Wired 6 ft 40 Hz/Channel Please Login to See Prices
DI-400UHS 16 USB (VCOM) Wired 6 ft. 240 Hz/Channel Please Login to See Prices