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Measuring the Recoil Force from a Gun

Measuring the Recoil Force from a Gun

Dr. Mattew Hall, a faculty member in the Thermal/Fluids Systems program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas, used one of the early versions of our analog load cell with a 0-5 VDC output to measure the recoil force from a variety of guns. The lower the recoil force, the easier it is to handle the gun and the smaller the impact on the shoulder or wrists of a user.  

You can now use our iLoad Series Analog load cells for this purpose. The advantage of using the iLoad, iLoad Pro Analog load cell or the iLoad Mini + DQ-1000A Analog Load Cell Solution  is that you get a 0.5 to 4.5 VDC output proportional to the applied force/load. You do not need a signal conditioner/amplifier to measure the loads with your Data Acquisition System. Most DAQs accept a 0-5 VDC input on their Analog Input channels. We have observed that one can measure a 250 Hz to 1 Khz force input using this solution and a 10 Khz DAQ sampling rate.

Alternatively, you could use our Impact Force Sensor solution that is a true static AND dynamic force measurement system with easy to use USB connectivity and software to display, log and plot data.You could put it up on the wall, place the base of the gun on the sensor to measure the recoil impact. Based on the impact force you are trying to measure, you could either use the solution with 1 KHz data capture rate or the one with up to 50 KHz  data capture rate. 

impact with gun

8" x 8" sensor system with 1 KHz data update rate and software

impact with gun di 1000uhs 10k

8" x 8" sensor system with 10K hz data update rate (up to 50 Khz)

These kits come complete with the sensors, the interface, calibration certificates as well as the software and they are ready to use out of the box. 

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