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Digital Tank Weighing Solution

Tank Solution

Tank Weighing Solution using iWeigh Scales with USB or WiFi Output

Many applications require different amounts of liquids and solids to be mixed into a mixing tank.  In such cases, one needs to weight the contents of the tank accurately and display, log and sometimes plot this information on a PC for quality control purposes.

Our iWeigh scales are perfect for such applications!  They come as 8" x 8" weigh modules with a load cell attached between them and a USB or Wireless Load Cell Interface like our DI-1000U or DI-1000WiFi attached to the load cells and calibrated together in compression mode.  The RAL1, RSB6, RAP3, RAP4, RSP1, and RAPG load cells can all be used to make the weigh module, depending on the specifications of the application (weight, accuracy, temperature conditions etc.). 

The tanks usually have three to four or sometimes larger number of legs with rectangular plates as feet.  The digital scales can be placed underneath each leg of the tank and can be secured with four bolts on each leg.

The four sets of load cells + interfaces with USB output, can then connected to a HX-400 USB hub. After connecting the USB hub to a Mac/PC, Loadstar Sensor's ControlVUE software allows the user to display, log and plot individual weights as well as the total weight of the tank.

The ControlVUE software has a special feature where one can connect a USB Relay (1/2/8 Channels) to control external devices such as a valve, motor, switch or other electrical apparatus as well as outputs such as alarms and speakers to be set off at specified values from the sensors.

This solution provides a simple, elegant digital solution for a very affordable price and makes it easy to display, log and plot tank weights. 

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