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USB Relay to control devices using USB Load Cell

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load cell highlights
  • Easy to install and use
  • Powered by USB port of a PC or Tablet
  • Works with any PC or Laptop using USB 1.2 or USB 2.0 ports
  • Available in 1, 2 and 8 channel configurations
  • Compatible with ControlVUE software using which user can display, log, plot, send alerts and control devices
  • 10 Amp 250VAC/28VDC SPDT (Form C) power relays
    • Industrial control applications
    • Automatic test equipment
    • Process control systems
    • Power switching applications
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USB Relays are essentially software controlled ON/OFF switches which can be connected to the USB port of a PC or Tablet and controlled via software commands.
When connected to the USB port of a PC, a USB Relay allows a user to turn a connected device such as a fan, light or valve   We offer these devices in tandem with our USB or wireless load cells or any of our digital USB or wireless sensors to enable users to control devices based on certain values that can be obtained from our digital sensors.

We offer one channel, two channel or eight channel USB Relay devices and we offer the ControlVUE software which enables a user to control up to eight external connected devices.  This solution allows you to build an inexpensive force based control system using a PC.
digital load cell interface
Note: The image shown above is a representative image only. Actual product may look slightly different from what is shown based on number of channels.

Load Based Control

A user can set conditions under which the relay is activated (turned on) or deactivated (turned off) using our ControlVUE software as shown below:


ControlVUE software to control using a USB Relay 

ControlVUE allows you to display all connected digital sensors provided or supported by Loadstar Sensors: 

Display, Log and Plot all Connected Digital Sensors

You can set the conditions under which the relay should be turned on or off as follows: 

Setting conditions under which relay is turned on/off

A user can control an external device or turn on/off an alarm or send an email/SMS alert from within ControlVUE:


Set Alerts based on sensor readings



Product Details
C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU Output Protocol Ports Wired/Wireless Range/Cable Price Quantity
USB2R USB (VCOM) 2 Wired 6 ft Please Login to See Prices
USB8R USB (VCOM) 8 Wired 6 ft. Please Login to See Prices
USBR USB (VCOM) 1 Wired 6 ft Please Login to See Prices