Intelligent Force Measurement using Revolutionary Capacitive Sensors

The Flex series of sensors are designed to address applications where size is of critical importance. They are based on our patented capacitive force sensing technology which offers unprecedented sensitivity in a rugged and tiny package. The high level analog (0-5V DC) or digital Serial/USB outputs, makes it easy to incorporate into OEM products or into test & measurement and process control applications.

Tactile Load Cell

Flex Hand

Potential Applications

These sensors enable a wide variety of OEM applications at an attractive and affordable cost point. We provide generous application prototyping, testing and development support to OEM customers who want to utilize this revolutionary technology.

How it works

Flex Diagram - load cell

Simply connect the load cell to the CI-1000 Digital Load Cell Interface & use the USB out port on the CI-1000 to connect to a PC via the USB port. The load cell appears on the PC as a virtual COM port. Using a standard terminal emulator send commands to the sensor to display loads on screen. They can either be one at a time or in continuous operation mode. Alternatively, use an application (LoadVUE or LoadVUE Lite) to simplify load measurements on a PC.

Possible Configurations

Flex Dime - load cell Flex Metal - load cells

These sensors can be built in a single sensor format or as an array of sensors that can be used to perform pressure measurements on a flexible surface.