Loadstar offers a wide variety of analog load cells with DC voltage outputs.  They come in two kinds - resistive load cells buitl using straing gauges or capacitive load cells built using our Plug and Sesnse technology platform.

Resistive Load Cells

These load cells built using strain gauges typically in a bridge configuration accept a 10V DC input signal and typically out put a ratiometric DC voltage output in the 10 to 20 milliVolt range.

Analog Load Cells

The output is typically specified as 2 mV/V.  One needs to use a load cell signal conditioner such as our AI-1000 interface device in order provide clean power and amplify the tiny signals before it can be input into a DAQ or PLC.

Capacitive Load Cells

We offer capacitive load cells that are fundamentally digital (frequency output) but provide convenient 0-5 VDC high level analog load cell output, which can be directly connected to a DAQ or PLC for ease of use.  You don't need any other signal conditioning device - all required pieces are included in a singel integrated load cell package such as our iLoad, iLoad Pro or iLoad TR load cells.  The output cable has a standard five wire USB connector of which two are used to supply power, two wires are used for USB output and the fifth wire is used to output the 0-5 VDC analog load cell signal.  Users can simultaneously access both the digital and analog signals using our HX-100 hybrid breakout board.


Capacitive Load Cells