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Short Updates on interesting applications using our sensor solutions.

Loadstar Sensors Software require Microsoft .NET Frameworks

All Windows versions of Loadstar Sensors software require Microsoft .NET Framework v 4.0 or later installed on your computer.

Some components of the software also require .NET Framework v 3.5 installed. This is because v 4.0 framework "does not automatically use its version of the common language runtime to run applications that are built with earlier versions of the .NET Framework".

Framework v.4 is preinstalled in most versions of Windows beginning with Windows 8. Framework v 3.5 is pre-installed in most versions of Windows 7

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Troubleshooting connectivity issues with Loadstar Sensors sensors or interfaces

Device Manager
Old Style Dongle
S2U Dongle
Putty Serial Port Configuration-1
Putty Serial Port Configuration-2
Putty terminal screen
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On rare occasions, we get tech support calls from users whose computers have trouble detecting a sensor or interface. The steps below outline what you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

Check Device Manager

First make sure the load cell or interface shows up in the device manager. All our devices use an FTDI device driver to convert serial port signals to a USB virtual COM port. This virtual COM port will appear in the device manager as an "USB Serial Port" device under the "Ports" section. To launch the device manager,

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