If you have sensor connectivity or software issues, in many cases it is easier for Loadstar Sensors to assist you if we are able remotely view your computer screen. This can be done through the use of screen sharing software.

If you need technical support, please download and run from this link:  Teamviewer screen sharing software

There is no need to 'install' the software and in most cases you will not need administrative privileges on your computer. You can also choose to save this on your computer for later use. The downloaded software will display this icon -> Teamviewer Icon

A window similar to the following will come up showing an ID and password. Please call us with the ID and password information and we will be able to look at your screen.

Teamviewer Support Window

There is no danger of unauthorized access to your computer since the software must be running. In addition, the password will change every time you run the program.

Another option is to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop .


Note: Access to your computer may have been disabled by your company. If this is the case remote support via screen sharing is not possible.