nCounter Counting Scale

nCounter software can be used with any of our digital scales (iWeigh Scales) to count items. Simply plug in your digital scale to your computer’s USB port and start counting. The nCounter software offers a parts database where you can store part weight details once and use it later to count that particular part.

nCounter Counting Scale


  • Plug and Sense Simplicity
  • Standard USB output
  • Power supplied via USB port
  • Stored calibration
  • Item list stored in memory
  • Precise: Accuracies from 1 in 1000 to 1:5000 counts
  • True USB: No need for signal conditioning or DAQ
  • Optional wireless: Available in WiFi, BLE or XBee outputs
  • Easy to Use: Just place on your desk or other weighing surface 
  • Rugged: Made with light weight AL or Acrylic material

How it Works

You set up the part in the database by adding the SKU, Description and piece weight as shown below. If you do not know the piece weight, we make it easy for you to calculate it by weighing a certain number of them (say 10 pieces) and calculating the piece weight automatically and storing it for future use.

nCounter Counting Scale Solution
Define Parts
nCounter Counting Scale Solution
Select Parts from List

Once the part has been defined, you can simply select it from a drop down list as shown. If the item is not in the database, you can add it to the database for future use by clicking on the Add New button.

Once you select a part, simply place the empty container on the scale. Zero out the initial value. Then click on the Count button. Add the parts to be counted and presto, it will show you how many of them you placed on the scale! The accuracy is at least 1 part in 1000 parts and as much as 1:5000 counts for our best digital scales.

nCounter Counting Scale Solution

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What's Included in the nCounter Kit?

The nCounter solution consists of two parts. The scale with USB output and the nCounter software. We offer a number of standard size scales in a vareity of capacities to meet your specific needs. But if you do not see a standard size or capacity that meets your need then please contact us and we can custom build it for you. The nCounter software can be installed and used on up to three PCs when you purchase one license.

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