Open the SC-1200 COM port using the settings: 9600,8 data bits, No parity, 1 Stop bit, No flow control.

Simply send a <CR> should get you the response 'A'.

Each SC-1200 has a 3 letter identifier. For example M10, M11 etc. Many responses are prefixed with this ID.

To find out your ID just type MID<enter>. The SC-1200 will respond with M08 for example. (This may also be used to confirm that there is indeed an SC-1200 connected to this port.

Each of the 12 load cell ports is identified by a unique channel no, S01, S02 through S12

To tare port 1, type (or send)

T Mxx.R00.C00.S01<Enter>.

The SC-1200 will respond with T Mxx.R00.C00.S01. Do not send any other command till the response is received.

To tare port 2, type (or send) T Mxx.R00.C00.S02<Enter>


To tare port 10, type (or send) T Mxx.R00.C00.S10<Enter>


and so on

You can tare ALL the ports by the command

T Mxx.R00.C00

by omitting the port number.


To read the weight of a load cell connected to port 1, type (or send)

W Mxx.R00.C00.S01

The SC-1200 will respond with the weight in millipounds, like so

W Mxx.R00.C00.S01 2012 (that is 2.012 lb)

You can read the weights on all the ports by the command

W Mxx.R00.C00

by omitting the port number.


The SC-1200 will respond with 12 lines, each returning the port number and the weight.

W Mxx.R00.C00.S01 101 (.101 lb)

W Mxx.R00.C00.S02 3397 (3.397 lb)

W Mxx.R00.C00.S03 -999999 (load cell not connected)

W Mxx.R00.C00.S12 5323 (5.323 lb)

Note that the responses may not always start from port 1. Sometimes you may get a response starting from port 8, then 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, …7 etc. So be sure to parse the result to get the correct port number and the associated weight.

A weight of -99999 indicates that the port does not have a load cell associated with it, or SC-1200 has a problem reading the load cell. Try powering down the SC-1200 and then powering it back up again.


When you send a command, terminate with just a <CR>, not <CRLF>. When you process the responses, process a <CRLF>