Note: RD-1000 can only be calibrated in kg., not lb. Use the "UNITS" button after calibration to display in lb. If you only have lb. weights, convert kg and enter the kg values in RD-1000.

(Note: FUN key behaves like ENTER key most of the time, TARE key behaves like the UP,DOWN keys, and the ZERO key behaves like the LEFT,RIGHT keys)

After connecting the load cell, power cycle the RD-1000  
While the display is counting down 9..8..7 etc press the ZERO key F1 CL(ocK)
Keep pressing Tare key to go to F7 F7 CAL(ibrate)
 Press FUN, UNIT, ZERO, TARE in quick succession  

If display is P1  - - -  then it means the unit requires a password. Some models need this. The default password is 0000.

Just use the ZERO and TARE keys to move left-right and up-down and enter 0000, then press FUN.

The display should now show P1 SP

(Some units do not require a password and straightaway show P1 SP in this step)

First, make sure the unit is set to kg. Keep pressing tare to go to P13 P13 UT (Unit)
Press FUN to see the units

UT kg or UT lb

Press the TARE button to set UT kg (if not in kg already)

Press FUN to accept kg

Now you will see LB ON or LB OFF. Use the TARE key to set LB ON then FUN key to accept

Next you will see user defined units UT1, UT2 etc. These options can be ignored

Keep pressing FUN key till you get to P13 UT

Keep pressing TARE key to go to P5 P5 DEC(imals)

Press FUN and then TARE to select no of decimal digits (0, 0.0, 0.00 etc)

Note: Once calibrated decimal display cannot/should not be changed during operation.
FUN to accept the decimals  Again will show P5 DEC(imals)
Press TARE to go P6 P6 CAP(acity)
Press FUN and then use ZERO and TARE keys to set the load cell capacity.
Press FUN to accept the entered capacity P6 CAP(acity)
Press TARE to go P8 P8 CAL(ibrate)
Press FUN unLoad

Make sure there is no load and press FUN

Display will show show some numbers. XXXX

Use ZERO and TARE keys to specify the calibration load.

For ex if you are calibrating a 100 kg load cell with a 50 kg weight, then P6 CAP above should be 100 and you should enter 50 in this step

Press FUN after you place the test load.

At this point calibration is complete. You may hear a beep and the display may show F4 ERR briefly. Don’t panic. It should then display the calibration load, for example 50 in this case.

Power down and the unit and power it back up again to verify the calibration. You can use the UNITS button to switch the display between kg and lb.