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RAP4 and RAP3 Single Point Load Cell: Build and Buy

RAP4 single point load cells are some of the most accurate and versatile load cells we offer at very reasonable prices. They are ideal for building scales because of their unique ability to withstand off axis and off center loading. They are also temperature compensated from -10C to 40C and offer accuracies of +/- 0.02% of full scale. The RAP4 load cells are low profile and are available in 50 kg, 250 kg and 300 kg capacities.

The RAP3 is larger in height and is available in 750 kg capacity. For smaller capacities and smaller sizes take a look at the RSP1 and RAPG load cells. For NTEP rated versions take a look at the RRP1 and RRP2 load cells.

Just connect the load cell to the Digital Interface and start measuring using LoadVUE, SensorVUE, or ControlVUE loadcell software. Or display force, load, or weight on our touch-screen load cell displays.

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NOTE: If you don't add Calibration to your order, we provide a Nominal mV/V value only.


RAP4 Build and Buy

Please select a load cell and then add an interface, calibration and software from the choices shown below. Please note that the load cells come uncalibrated with a nominal mV/V value. If you do not need an interface but want calibration for the load cell please add the ACAL-MV*C0x calibration service to get a specific mV/V value.


USB/UART Interface

Select an interface to mate with the load cell you selected & add a calibration service for each load cell. The DI-1000U and DI-400U come with a miniB to USB A Output cable each. The DI-100U offers UART output by default and comes with a miniB to miniB output cable and an S2U Serial to USB Dongle. Add HX-100 adapter board for easy access to UART output. The max data rates and number of channels is shown for each item. If you need higher speeds see options in the next selection box.


High Speed USB Interface

When you need to measure dynamic forces, you may want to add one of these higher speed devices for faster data capture. Note that the DI-100, DI-400 and DI-1000 series work with LoadVUE Pro and SensorVUE software for data rates up to 1KHz. For DI-1000UHS-10K you must buy the LV-1000HS-10K software to display, log and plot data.


Analog Interface

When you need to connect your load cell to a PLC via analog signal, you can choose to do so via a 0-5V DC output or a 4-20 mA current output. For long distances from the interface (over 20 feet), we suggest the AI-1000-CV else the AI-1000 works great to connect with a PLC or DAQ.


Wireless Interface

When you want to connect with a PC or Mac wirelessly we recommend the DI-1000ZP wireless interface that works great for up to 300 odd meters or about a 1000 feet even in industrial settings. For less than 10 feet, and to connect with iOS devices we recommend the DI-1000BLE. The DI-1000WiFi is available but please contact us for availability and price.


Calibration Options

When connecting a load cell with an analog interface, add ACAL*C0x. When connecting with a digital interface add DCAL*C0x. If no interface is needed but you want analog calibration of the load cell then select ACAL-MV*C0x for a mV/V value specific to your load cell. For capacities over 10K lbs add ACAL-HC*C0x or DCAL-HC*C0x.



We highly recommend that you buy a copy of LoadVUE Pro if using one digital load cell at a time or SensorVUE if buying and using multiple load cells simultaneously. These two specific applications run on Win 8/10/11 and offer calibration utilities, easy access to remote support and allow you to display, log and plot data without any coding! Use LoadVUE Lite to Display data only; LoadVUE Pro to Display, Log, and Plot data from one sensor at a time; SensorVUE to Display, Log, and Plot data from multiple sensors simultaneously; ControlVUE to Display, Log, and Plot data and Control devices. If you wish, you could write your own code using any language such as Python or LabVIEW. All our digital interfaces come with built in ASCII command sets similar to AT commands.



Use the DS-3000-Pro touch screen display with any USB load cell kit, i.e. load cell + interface. The load cell and interface pair must be calibrated before it is connected to the display. Use DS-3000-Pro-1 with single load cell kit and DS-3000-Pro-4 with up to 4 load cell kits. This display does not work with analog kits that use AI-1000 or AI-1000-CV. These two displays allow you to show values (numeric) from our digital load cells or resistive load cells connected to a digital interface. They have touch screens and work with a calibrated system (load cell + interface pair). You do NOT need a PC or software if you choose to use to display on one of these devices. It comes with a power supply with a US style two prong adapter.


Electronic Accessories

Add an electronic accessory from the options shown below if needed. DI-100U and iLoad Series interfaces come with an S2U. All wireless interfaces come with a power supply with US style adapters. The most commonly selected accessory is the UX-100 extender cable to add 5m or 15 feet to the distance from the USB output to your PC/Tablet.


Mechanical Accessories

Sometimes adding one of these mechanical accessories to your order can help expedite your timeline because of the convenience of having a finished product. Choose one of these accessories that might make things easier for you.


Expedited Processing

Our normal processing for orders received with payment or with POs for those with established accounts is about two weeks. For faster processing select one of the options shown below. This expedited processing is on a best efforts basis.