Continuous Level Sensors - iLevel Capacitive Level Sensor

Our iLevel capacitive level sensors are designed to detect the level of substances such as liquids, granular materials and powders. The iLevel sensors are based on our patented capacitive sensing technology which offers unprecedented sensitivity in a rugged package.


single - Load Cell

Our iLevel capacitive level sensors can be built in two configurations. The first one can be applied outside a non-metallic tank and is a contact free method of measuring levels. The second configuration can be used in metallic or non-metallic tanks by immersing the sensor into the material being measured. This version is suitable for non-corrosive materials.

Note:  We build and ship these sensors to order depending on various custom parameters such as max height to be measured, output type needed etc.  We do not stock these sensors, so the lead time for shipping these sensors is around 4 weeks after receiving a firm non-cancellable order.