The LoadVUE calibration program is used to recalibrate an iLoad Digital USB Load Cell. From the LoadVUE screen, select Tools...Calibrate... to launch the calibration program.

Select Calibration Option

The calibration window displays a list of available COM ports. Select the sensor to calibrate by choosing the appropriate COM port. The sensor part number, serial number and capacity are queried and displayed. Any stored previous calibration is also indicated. You can either choose to load a previous calibration, or start a new calibration. Click on Calibrate... to go to the next screen.

With no load applied to the sensor, enter 0 as Load for point 1 and click on Read to read the sensor values for that load. Similarly enter various applied load values to cover the full scale range and back. (for ex, for a 100 lb. load cell, use 0,50,100,50,0 lb. The more intermediate points you have, the more accurate will be the calibration.

Read Sensor Values

After taking readings for all the points, click on Curve Fit to fit the calibration parameters. Then select 'Cubic' as the curve fit to burn. If you plan to use the load cell in only one direction, just select 'Compression and Tension', otherwise select the appropriate direction in which the loads were applied.

Burn Calibration Parameters

Then click Burn to write the calibration parameters to the load cell or the load cell interface. Then click Save to save the calibration and retrieve it at a later time, if necessary.