iLoad Pro Digital USB Load Cell Demo

The iLoad Pro digital load cell offers an integrated USB solution for meaasuring appied forces, weights or loads in a single low profile package. Optionally an integrated 0-5 VDC analog output simultaneously with the digital output is also available. It is available in 50 lb., 100 lb., 250 lb., 500 lb., 1000 lb., 2500 lb. and 5000 lb. capacities.

iLoad Mini Load Cell Demo

Loadstar Sensors iLoad Mini load cell is based on the same Capacitive Technology as the iLoad and iLoad Pro load cells. However, it differs in one important respect - the Mini outputs a square wave whose frequency is proportional to the applied load. The Mini, the smallest load cell currently offered by Loadstar Sensors, is a small circular sensor with a diameter of just 1.25 in. and is available with either a threaded stud or a load button on top of the load cell. It has three threaded holes on the bottom of the sensor to easily mount the load cell with commonly available hardware.

USB Digital Load Cell Demo

The iLoad Pro Digital USB load cell offers direct measurement of loads via the USB port of a PC. No need for signal conditioners, data acquisition systems or special software. Just connect and start measuring! The iLoad Pro Series offers greater ruggedness and improved cable strain relief for more demanding applications and convenient threaded holes on top and bottom of the sensor for easy mounting to plates and platforms. You can even attach eye bolts, leveling feet or rod-ends to incorporate these sensors into your application.

Loadstar’s iLoad Pro Digital USB series of load cells provides unprecedented integration of sensing and measurement electronics to make it easy to measure, log and plot forces and loads directly on your PC with our LoadVUE software.

USB Load Cell with Analog and Digital Output

The iLoad TR Digital USB load cell is designed for applications requiring reduced sensitivity to off-center loading. These load cells offer direct measurement of load via the USB port of a PC. No need for signal conditioners, data acquisition systems or special software. Just connect and start measuring!

DI-100 Load Cell mVolt to USB Interface

The DI-100 Digital Load Cell Interface modules provide a simple, convenient method to convert existing milli-volt output load cells into PC friendly USB Load Cells!

DI-1000ZP Wireless Load Cell Interface

This interface is similar to our DI-100U load cell interface, but offers a rich set of additional capabilities and features:

  • 24-bit ADC for finer resolution
  • Configurable gain
  • Can work with 6-wire load cells
  • Offers a rechargeable batter operation
  • Works with displacement sensors
  • Offers wireless transmission capability
  • Has an external terminal block for easy access

LoadVUE Pro 1000 Single Channel Load Cell Software

Our most popular software for single sensor applications. Display, unit conversion, logging, plotting, alarms, email and SMS features are all included. Please see our software page for all the different flavors of our software offerings.

SensorVUE on Windows Tablet

While LoadVUE works exclusively with Load, Force or Weight Sensors, SensorVUE supports a variety of sensors including load, force, weight, torque, pressure, level, temperature and displacement measurements. We are constantly adding new sensors to our product range and we plan to support those sensors in the future.

In addition to all the features supported in LoadVUE Pro software, SensorVUE allows you to zoom into the plot to look at areas of interest closely, it allows you to place different parts of the software in different locations on the screen to create your preferred layout.

Users can also create derived values or virtual sensors from base sensor data (for example, measure force but divide that value by area to create a pressure sensor) and also create a variety of plots in a flexible way. For example. a user can display and log Force and displacement data and create a plot with Force and Displacement on the y-Axis and Time on the x-axis or create a plot of Force on y-axis and displacement on x-axis.


While LoadVUE and SensorVUE allow a user to get digital information from a sensor, ControlVUE enables a user to control external devices. It enables a user to control a USB Relay with one, two or eight channels to turn on/off a variety of 110V/220V (2 A) devices or to control a USB Stepper Motor's angular position and speed. By coupling a rack and pinion gear system onto the motor, a user can also create a linear actuator. By using sensors and these simple control mechanisms a user can create automated solutions for applications such as bagging, filling and packaging.


Now with Loadstar's digital, networked weighing solutions, you can effortlessly track inventory at remote customer sites using a web-based software application or via a mobile device such as the iPhone! Our weight based inventory management system offers a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution. We also offer customization for integration of the data into existing ERP and warehouse management systems and assist customers with installation, training and support.

nCounter Parts Counting Solution

This software enables a user to place a number of pieces onto a scale and quickly count the number of pieces in the container. It also enables a user to store parts into a database with piece weight information that can be quickly accessed to calculate count information.

Low Level Indicator with Miniature Load Cell

This video shows a novel use of our DQ-1000U load cell interface to trigger an indicator. Based on the sensed load, the output voltage from the DQ-1000U can be configured pull high or low.

1 kg USB scale with 0.1g accuracy

Video of our 1 kg USB scale and software. This scale is accurate to 0.1g. The interface unit has an easy to use command structure. It is easy for the user to write his own software around the commands.

Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor

This video shows a unique non-contact level sensor that leverages our capacitive sensing technology to measure liquid levels in a container. This technique has been successfully used to measure solid levels (for example, powders) as well.

LVDTs & Force-Displacement Solutions

This video showcases our SensorVUE software solution for measuring force and displacement together. Multiple types of plots can be configured. An unlimited number of force and displacement sensors can be monitored by the software.

Digital Muay Thai Pad with USB Load Cell

Loadstar Sensors' Boxer Training Software (LoadVUE for Boxing) helps a boxer to improve his skills by measuring the average and peak punch forces, number of punches per second etc. The software includes a round timer and logging and reporting features.

Capacitive Pressure Sensor

An innovative pressure sensor based on our iLoad Mini capacitive load cell technology is demonstrated in this video. The USB technology allows the user to display, log and plot the pressure easily. The software can read multiple pressure sensors and also is able to control external devices like relays based on the pressure reading.

Inventory Monitoring and Control

This video shows the use of a capacitive strip to count the number of soup cans placed on a shelf. Instead of using digital scales, this technique offers a low profile solution and can be used for remote inventory management.

How to Build a USB Scale using DI-100U

This video shows how to build and calibrate a USB scale using Loadstar Sensors' DI-100U load cell interface and a single point load cell.

iSP String Pot USB Displacement Sensor

This video shows reading a string pot displacement sensor through the USB interface and SensorVUE software.

Thermal Press International - Testimonial

Thermal Press International Inc. uses Loadstar Sensors' RSB3 load cell to measure the forces applied by its thermo forming machines. The sensor information is used to control the applied pressure used to form plastic parts.

Dan Albert's Testimonial for Loadstar Sensors used in Self Balancing Robot

Using Loadstar Sensors' iLoad Mini Sensors, Dan Albert has created CareIn, a self balancing robot, for elder care.

Introduction to StockVUE

Stockvue is an IoT solution for inventory management. It uses smart scales to provide an autonomous, real-time, non-intrusive, and frictionless solution for inventory counting and replenishment.

StockVUE is a weight based solution for tracking inventory. It doesn't require RFID or Bar Codes, or Cameras. StockVUE is perfect for bulk items, liquids, and gases and can accurately weigh very light items like plastic washers that weigh fractions of an ounce or heavy industrial parts that weigh hundreds of pounds.

Turnkey Computer Systems Testimonial for StockVUE

Turnkey Computer Systems, a provider of IT solutions to Dairies and Feedlots, offers StockVUE an IoT Solution for Inventory Management to its customers. StockVUE enables Turnkey's Regional Sales Managers to keep an eye on inventory levels of Veterinary products remotely and replenish just in time to eliminate stockouts.

Omni Services Testimonial for StockVUE

Omni Services utilizes StockVUE an IoT Solution for Inventory Management to offer VMI services to its customers. StockVUE enables Omni to expand its reach and support customers on a global scale.

Sobec Corporation Testimonial for Loadstar Sensors

Sobec uses a Tank Weighing Solution from Loadstar Sensors ( to create its innovative organic agricultural products to help farmers increase yields and quality of products. The easy to use USB load cells with the ControlVUE software allows Sobec to easily measure ingredients by weight and dispense finished products into drums for delivery.

Impact Force Measurement Solution from Loadstar Sensors

What is the impact force from a hammer hitting an object? How much force can a person generate when hitting a solid object with a mallet? These are the questions that we try to answer by using our Impact Force Measurement solution with a data capture rate of up to 50 KHz! Loadstar Sensors' DI-1000UHS-10K offers a simple, easy to use USB signal conditioner that comes pre-calibrated with a load cell. The LoadVUE LV-1000HS-10K software allows a user to capture, display, log and plot the data on a Windows Computer, Notebook or Tablet PC.

iBite Bite Force Sensor from Loadstar Sensors

iBite - Digital Bite Force is a sensor that physicians, researchers, orthodontists and physical therapists doing post operative rehab can use to measure, track and follow progress of patients bite forces. The ready to use kit comes with the sensor, USB, WiFi or Bluetooth interface and software to display, log and plot data on any Windows PC or Tablet.

imPress Digital Pressure Sensor from Loadstar Sensors

This video gives a quick overview of how one can connect a pressure sensor to a sensor interface to access data via USB, WiFI/BLE/Xbee protocols on a PC or Tablet. The SensorVUE application software enables display, logging, and plotting pressure data on Windows 7/8/10.

DI-1000U USB Load Cell Interface - Quick Start Guide from Loadstar Sensors

This video gives a brief introduction on how to use the DI-1000U to connect a resistive load cell to a PC or Tablet running Windows to display, log and plot data from a load cell or force sensor.

Punchforce Sensor Demo Coach CEM: Using Loadstar Sensors

Coach CEM demonstrates the use of Loadstar Sensors' Punch Sensor to train a world class champion boxer.

DS-3000-Pro Touch Screen Display Demo by Loadstar Sensors

This video demonstrates the use of the Touch Screen Display to show the force measured by an S-Beam Load Cell connected to the DI-100U/DI-1000U USB Load Cell Interface.

Demonstration of the iLoad Pro Analog Load Cell by Loadstar Sensors

This video shows you how the iLoad Pro Analog Load Cell works. When loads are applied to it, the output voltage varies between approx. 0.5 VDC to 4.5 VDC. You can directly feed this output voltage into your DAQ or PLC to measure applied forces. Works with tensile or compressive forces.