Industrial Scale, iWeigh Pro

The Loadstar Sensors iWeigh Pro scale provides a simple, convenient and rugged multi-sensor scale that is perfect for most industrial or commercial warehouse applications that require connection to a PC. Weights are digitally sent to the USB port of a PC and can be viewed using our LoadVUE or LoadVUE lite software. Designers can build custom applications using the software command interface that allows the weight to be read without need for any knowledge of load cells.


Capacitive Load Cell Technology

  • Plug and Sense Simplicity
  • Standard USB output
  • Power supplied via USB port
  • Stored calibration

Multiple Capacities

  • iWeigh Pro 200 lbs.
  • iWeigh Pro 400 lbs.
  • iWeigh Pro 1,000 lbs.

Optional Interfaces

  • WX-400 - Wireless USB 20' range
  • DS-3000U - Display & Interface
Accuracies from 1%.
True USB
No need for signal conditioning or data acquisition system - direct measurement on your PC.
Sensor made with light weight, durable aluminum.
Easy Mounting
Just place on your desktop or other weighing surface.

The iWeigh Pro scale includes everything you need to begin weighing upon delivery. At lower capacities the scale offers a convenient, compact and portable weighing capability. However, if a user needs higher capacities the iWeigh Pro can be used as a floor scale, pallet scale or warehouse scale.

Multi - Load Cells



Here's How It Works

Multi - Load Cell

Simply connect the iWeigh Pro scale to a PC via the USB port. The scale appears on the PC as a virtual COM port. Using a standard terminal emulator send commands to the sensor to display loads on screen. They can either be one at a time or in continuous operation mode. Alternatively, use an application (Load cell software LoadVUE or LoadVUE Lite) to simplify load measurements on a PC. Additionally, connect a DS-3000 Display and view the loads on the built in LED display.

Sample 4-Sensor CG Scale