The Challenge

Test safety of springs used in a trampoline. The test must determine:

  • How many cycles it takes to permanently destroy a spring.
  • Determine the stiffness of the spring throughout the duration of the test cycles.

How it works

A simple rotating motor is attached to the spring on one end. The other end of the spring is fixed to an iLoad Mini load cell with tension adapter and rod ends for easy attachment. The iLoad Mini is connected to the DQ-1000 (pictured to the right) which is connected to a PC running LoadVUE Pro Software to monitor and record the force.


Spring Testing


Logging Data for


The motor is started up and LoadVUE Pro software starts recording. LoadVUE Pro software allows the user to effortlessly monitor the cycles and determine how many cycles it takes to produce failure in the spring.

iLoad Mini SS Load Cells(1) + TX-125(1) + RE-125(2)
The iLoad Mini Series load cells are designed for applications where size is a major constraint. The iLoad Mini is only 1.25" in diameter.

LoadVUE Pro Software (1)
Loadstar's LoadVUE software permits you to display individual loads plus the sum of all loads, and log data on screen and to a file.

DQ-1000 Frequency to USB Interface (1)
The Loadstar Sensors DQ-1000 Single Channel Frequency Interface Provides a simple and convenient way for users to convert the frequency output of a iLoad Mini sensor into a USB digital output.