The Challenge:

To monitor the frequency and magnitude of punches thrown by a boxer or kicks from a kick-boxer or mixed martial arts practitioner:

  • What is the number of punches orkicks per minute?
  • At what number of punches does the trainee become fatigued? (use this to monitor endurance improvements over time)
  • With what force is the trainee punching?
  • Peak and Average Punch Forces for the round
  • Rounds timer
  • Log data to a comma separated file for later analysis in Excel

How it works:

This boxing setup has a force plate attached to a stand or installed onto a rigid wall.  As the punches are thrown by the boxer, the impact force is apllied onto our force sensor which is then communicated back to a PC via the USB port. 

The software counts the number and amount of the perturbation from zero and displays this information to the boxer on a monitor.  This allows the user to monitor punches per minute, max. force of his or her punches, and endurance over time.

Boxer Traning Kit


LoadVUE Software for Boxing and Punching



An RAP3 or RAP4 load cell is sandwiched between two aluminum plates and connected to a DI-1000UHS-1K USB Interrface which is then hooked into the USB port of a PC.  Data such as frequency and intensity of punches, can easily be logged and analyzed to optimize and calibrate training sessions.

Parts Used:
  • 1 Force plate approx. 15"x18" built using one
    RAP3 1650 lb.
  • 1 DI-1000UHS-1K USB Interface
  • LoadVUE Boxing software
  • LV-1000HS-1K General Purpose Software to view, log and plot data on a Windows PC or Tablet
Total time to setup
  • 5 minutes

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