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Loadstar Sensors is hiring proven sales professionals

August 19, 2008

Loadstar Sensors, Inc. is looking for experienced sales firms with an established track record and experience in selling load cells and related products to distribute our innovative capacitive load cell products around the globe on a non-exclusive basis. Loadstar offers a generous commission structure for orders received from sales representatives.

Loadstar's award winning Plug and Sense™ smart sensors combine sensing, processing and digital communications into a single compact easy to use package. We offer the world's first fully integrated digital USB load cells. A user can literally plug the sensor into a standard PC and start measuring loads in lbs, Kgs or Newtons instantly without need for any signal conditioners, digitizers or specialized software. The available DS3000 display and controller and the optional LoadVUE software allow a user to display loads from up to four sensors as well as log the data into a Microsoft Excel friendly file format for further analysis.


These digital load cells are currently available in three series - the iLoad, iLoad Pro and iLoad Mini - which can handle capacities ranging from 10 lbs to 10,000 lbs to measure compressive and tensile loads at accuracies up to 0.05% of full scale.

About Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

Established in 2004, Loadstar Sensors, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of capacitive sensors for automotive, aerospace, medical device, industrial and consumer applications. We currently sell capacitive load (force/weight) sensors that offer high sensitivities in an easy to use, mechanically robust, low profile package. We partner with leading OEMs to incorporate load sensors into mass market products where existing load measurement solutions were neither reliable nor economically feasible.

Please contact Div Harish or Jay Patel with your company background for further information about potentially representing us.