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Loadstar Sensors releases iLoad Mini - a low-cost, miniature load cell and DQ-1000 interface device with USB or Analog outputs

February 26, 2008

Loadstar Sensors, Inc. of Fremont, CA announces the immediate availability of a low cost miniature load cell - the iLoad Mini - based on its patented capacitive Plug and Sense™ technology. Loadstar also announces the release of the DQ-1000, a versatile signal conditioning board that enables three different outputs: digital USB, 0.5- 4.5V analog or 2mV/V.

The iLoad Mini load cell offers unprecedented simplicity and ease of use in a rugged, low profile 1.25 inch diameter package and heights between 0.5 in. - 1 in. depending on the configuration. The separation of the load cell from the signal conditioning interface board gives greater flexibility to designers and inventors who want to fit the load cell into small spaces.

PR Mini

The iLoad Mini load cell accepts a 5V DC input and outputs a baseline 5V TTL frequency signal proportional to the applied load. The load signal is complemented by a reference signal that is sensitive to environmental effects such as temperature and humidity. This secondary signal can be used to compensate the baseline signal for temperature and humidity effects.

The price of an iLoad Mini load cell starts at $99 for the base version in aluminum with +/-2 % overall accuracy. Higher accuracy versions made in 17-4 PH stainless steel are also available.

"The iLoad Mini offers the benefits of our capacitive load cell technology in a versatile, small, low profile package at an unprecedented price point. These sensors are suitable for a diverse range of applications - but in particular are fabulous for medical device and OEM applications because of the flexibility of the output options," said Div Harish, the Co-Founder and CEO of Loadstar Sensors. "We offer extraordinary support and aggressive pricing to OEM customers who would like to incorporate this sensor into their applications."

Key features of the iLoad Mini Series include:

  • 5 V DC Input, 5V TTL Variable Frequency base signal
  • Digital USB or Analog Outputs (0.5-4.5V or 2mV/V) when used with DQ-1000 interface board
  • Accuracies from 0.25% FS to 2% FS
  • Tensile and/or compressive measurements
  • Rugged low profile, light weight package
  • Easy mounting with threaded holes or studs
  • Attractively priced in either single piece or OEM quantities

For more information about Loadstar Sensors, please contact Div Harish, at Loadstar Sensors, Inc. 510-623-9600, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

Established in 2004, Loadstar Sensors, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of capacitive sensors for automotive, aerospace, medical device, industrial and consumer applications. We currently sell capacitive load cells (force/weight/load) that offer high sensitivities in an easy to use, mechanically robust, low profile package. We partner with leading OEMs to incorporate load cells into mass market products where existing load measurement solutions were neither reliable nor economically feasible. Loadstar is based in Fremont, California.