Loadstar Sensors and eTurns, Inc. create a joint supply chain solution:
iVMI™ - The Smart vendor managed inventory solutions.

January 10, 2008

Loadstar Sensors, Inc. and eTurns, Inc. have announced a joint solution that will automate the process of bin inventory replenishment at remote customer sites. This intelligent vendor managed inventory solution, called iVMI™, will save an average-sized part supplier 50%-75% over current visible inventory management techniques.

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Many parts suppliers, whether they are vendors, distributors or manufacturers, are tasked with the problem of maintaining adequate inventory at their customer's point-of-use sites. "If a customer runs out of inventory, it could shut down the customer's entire production line. Before iVMI™, most parts suppliers have had to hire people to visit remote customer sites and do inventory counts and orders manually. Now with iVMI™, Loadstar's digital load cells will constantly measure inventory levels in a bin at the customer site and eTurns© software will use that information to place orders based on parameters set by customers," said Div Harish, Co-Founder & CEO of Loadstar Sensors.


"Loadstar's load measurement system is a great complement to our remote inventory management software. Together our iVMI solution solves an age old problem faced by manufacturers, distributors and vendors -- the problem of requiring a person to go to the point-of-use to visually determine if replenishment is needed for hundreds of items," said Rock Rockwell, president of eTurns, Inc.

Manufacturing facilities stock hundreds of small parts in bins. The iVMI solution, utilizes Loadstar's iLoad Series digital load cells to create a platform that is placed under each bin on a shelf to monitor the weight of the parts in each bin. By using weight per part information, eTurns© software will know when the number of parts in the bin falls below a certain minimum level and will generate an order for replenishment using supplier/customer-specified parameters.

For more information about iVMI, please contact Div Harish, at Loadstar Sensors, Inc. 510-623-9600, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Rock Rockwell at eTurns, Inc., 949-265-2626, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

Established in 2004, Loadstar Sensors, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of capacitive sensors for automotive, aerospace, medical device, industrial and consumer applications. We currently sell capacitive load cells (force/weight/load) that offer high sensitivities in an easy to use, mechanically robust, low profile package. We partner with leading OEMs to incorporate load cells into mass market products where existing load measurement solutions were neither reliable nor economically feasible. Loadstar is based in Fremont, California.