The Challenge:

Need to measure sleep patterns of senior citizens, chronically ill patients or patients suffering from sleep apnea to see how well they are sleeping through the night? In addition the following goals need to be met:

  • Monitor weight to see if they are losing or gaining weight?
  • Monitor movement to detect restlessness at night?
    • Did they wake up and get out of bed at night?
    • How many times did they toss and turn?
  • Monitor weight distribution to detect if patient needs to be moved to avoid bed sore
  • Monitor movement to see if patient is about to fall off from bed
  • Export data into excel for plotting/charts and analysis.


load cell downloads


load cell downloads


Use four iLoad Pro USB load cells placed under the legs of the bed.  No need to buy a new bed or expensive data acquistion equipment.  The four load cells are connected to the WX-400 wireless hub which connects to the PC wirelessly.  LoadVUE Pro software lets you view, log and plot data from each load cell individually as well as the sum of the four load cells!

Parts Used for moderate accuracy application:
  • Four iLoad Pro 100 lb 0.25% accuracy digital USB load cells
  • One WX-400 Wireless USB hub
  • LoadVUE Pro 4000 load cell software
Total time to setup
  • 30 minutes