Loadstar Sensors offers a variety of digital and analog load cell solutions for use in medical applications. Some of these include load cells for testing and calibration of medical equipment and others include turnkey solutions that solve a variety of common issues in hospitals, nursing homes and patient residences. Some of these include:

1) Monitoring weight of IV Bags on IV stands to detect when the bag is empty and needs to be replenished

2) Monitoring and control of Syringe Pumps to provide a safety switch to cut off pumping in case of clots or occlusions

3) Provide force feedback information to surgeons during surgery in order to prevent damage to delicate bones or tissue

4) Provide information about condition of muscles after surgery and during rehabilitation

5) Remote monitoring and control of inventory to eliminate stock outs of critical parts and drugs at points of use and delivery

We would love to partner with you and work with you closely to identify and solve your specific issues. So please feel free to call or email us to discuss your needs.