Loadstar Sensors is a load cell manufacturer that offers capacitive designs ranging from 1 lb to 10,000-pound capacities. We offer load cells with both digital and analog outputs that can be easily incorporated into end-use products.

We manufacture our products in the US in our Fremont, CA facility. We have both automated universal testing machines and dead-weight load testers to calibrate and verify our load cells to NIST traceable standards.

Strain gauge load cells

Sometimes, customers need resistive load cells to replace existing strain-gauge based load cells for backward compatibility or to simply replace a defective unit. In order to offer a complete on stop solution to such customers, we offer 3rd party load cells to meet their needs.

In addition, we offer great interface products, like our AI-1000 and DI-1000 units and easy to use software - like our LoadVUE application software which makes using conventional load cells also a breeze.

Our interface products are compatible with load cells made by other load cell manufacturers with 4 wire or 6 wire load cell inputs. Some of the popular load cell manufacturers in use are:

  • Futek
  • HBM
  • Honeywell
  • Interface
  • Omega
  • Strainsert
  • Transducer Techniques
  • Vishay/BLH

They offer a variety of load cells for various applications. We also offer similar load cells in partnership with 3rd party load cell manufacturers where appropriate.

Our capacitive load cells offer the following advantages over resistive load cells:

  • Integrated Solution
  • Rugged construction
  • Digital or Analog Output
  • Wired or Wireless products
  • Software command set
  • Plug and Play compatibility with PCs
  • Labview/Matlab friendly
  • Great software with logging/plotting features

Plus we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on purchases made with a credit card!