Load cell indicators are often needed where the force, load or weight measurement needs to be displayed to a user visually and displaying the results on a PC is not feasible.  In such instances one can use Loadstar's DS-3000 LED Display controller or the DS-4000 LCD display.  Each load cell indicator can be used to connect up to four digital load cells and can display individual readings or the sum of all connected load cells.

DS-3000U Display and Controller

Load Cell Indicator

The DS-3000 load cell indicator works with our iLoad, iLoad Pro, iLoad TR and iLoad Mini+DQ-1000 load cells.  It has a big bold LED display that is visible from up to six feet away.  In addition to being an indicator, it can also be used as a controller using the on-board relays built into the device.  One can use this unit to turn on/off a valve, switch, motor or other electronic devices when a certain weight, force or load is reached.  A load cell plus DS-3000 can be used to build a simple but cost effective fill and pack stations for items sold by weight.

In addition, the DS-3000 load cell indicator can be used to connect the load cell to a PC and log, plot and analyze load cell data on a PC using our LoadVUE load cell software.

DS-4000 LCD Display

Load Cell Indicator - LCD display

The DS-4000 low cost load cell indicator works with our iLoad Mini load cells directly without the need for a DQ-1000 interface device.  When used with three or four iLoad Mini miniature load cells, a user can quickly build a custom scale.  Similar to the DS-3000, the DS-4000 display can connect load cells to a PC for easy viewing, logging and plotting of force data.