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USB Highlights

  • Plug and Sense Simplicity
  • USB & Analog output
  • Stored calibration
  • Ease of Use

Analog Highlights

  • Standard 0.5V – 4.5V DC output
  • Large 4000 mV typical change for full load
  • Draws power from PC or power adapter
  • No need for signal conditioning or amplification
  This break-out board helps users of our iLoad Series digital load cells, get easy access to the analog output of the load cell via a terminal block. It can also be used to access the Serial TTL pins to communicate with devices such as the iLoad Series USB load cells or with USB load cell interfaces like the DI-100U, the DQ-1000U, the DQ-4000U, the DS-4000U or the SC-1200 sensor router.

The digital load sensor can be powered either through the USB port of a PC or directly from a power source via a pin on the terminal block.

Using this board, one can obtain both of the following outputs simultaneously.
  1. A digital readout on a PC for logging application.
  2. An analog 0-5V DC signal as an input into a DAQ or a PLC.


You can read more about it and watch a video demonstration of it at this page:

Wiring Diagrams

Load cell powered by USB
(Simultaneous digital and analog outputs)

HX-100 Wiring, Load cell powered by USB

Load cell externally powered

HX-100 Wiring, Load cell externally powered
Product Details
C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU Output Protocol Ports Wired/Wireless Range/Cable Price Quantity
ACAL+HX-100 Calibrated 0.5 to 4.5 V DC, Digital USB 1 Wired 6 ft Please Login to See Prices
HX-100 0.5V – 4.5V, Digital USB 1 Wired 6 ft Please Login to See Prices