The Challenge

Create easy to use fill and pack station to automate filling water into containers using load cells.

  • Faster packing
  • Less Errors
  • Reduced Manpower

How it works

This application calls for a simple solution utilizing one iLoad TR USB Load Cell and a DS-3000 Interface to build an automated fill and pack station. All the user has to do is configure his DS-3000 to active the relay and automate his controller valve and conveyor belt at the appropriate set point (amount of container when full).


Fill and Pack Station

Parts Used

Fill and Pack Parts


Using an iLoad TR Digital Load Cell and a DS-3000 Display and Controller the user is able to effortlessly create a Fill and Pack station. The user is creating basically a digital weight station with added valve/conveyor belt control via the DS-3000's controller option.

iLoad TR Load Cell (1)
The iLoad TR Digital USB load cell is designed for applications requiring reduced sensitivity to off-center loading. The iLoad TR load cell is only 3" in diameter.

DS-3000 Interface and Controller (1)
The DS-3000 Four-Channel LED Display is an integral device incorporating display, interface device and a controller combined in one.