The Challenge:

To characterize the performance of of push buttons on control panels for consistent operation and life cycle analysis:


  • What is the minimum force required to operate the button?
  • What is the maximum force a button can withstand without breaking?
  • Life cycle of a button operated at a specific force?
  • Life cycle of a button operated beyond the specified force?


How it works:

This solution allows the user to monitor forces applied on the push buttons and capture this data for analysis.


Cell Phone Button Testing using Miniature Load Cell


LoadVUE load cell software


By integrating Miniature Load Cells with a linear actuator one can build a system that applies force cyclically.  Using our digital USB output option or using the 0-5V analog output action a user can capture data such as max/min force, number of cycles etc. and analyze data in Excel Matlab or other statistical analysis packages to optimize panel and button design.

Alternatively the user can use the DQ-1000A device to get a 0-5V Analog voltage output that can be directly input into a DAQ or PLC.

Parts Used:
1 iLoad Mini Digital Load Cell
1 DQ-1000U or DQ-1000A
LoadVUE (LV-1000) software

Total time to setup:
30 minutes