The Challenge

Create PC friendly center of gravity system for aircraft using standard air jacks.

  • Flight safety procedures include checking aircraft weight and balance after modifications or fitting new accessories.
  • Calculate location of center of gravity by measuring weights at three points of the aircraft


Aircraft Center of gravity

Hardware Used

High Capacity Load Cell RAL1 Configuration


Use our RAL1 resistive load cells mounted on aircraft jacks with our DI-1000 digital USB interface to convert the analog output from the load cell into a PC friendly USB signal. The three USB load cells plug into a USB Hub and then to the PC running our LoadVUE CG software.

RAL1 High Capacity Load Cells (3)
These Load cells are constructed with high grade alloy steel, come complete with 20 foot four wire cable and are designed for low profile scales/applications.

LoadVUE Center of Gravity Software (1)
Loadstar's LoadVUE software permits you to display individual loads plus the sum of all loads, and log data on screen and to a file.

DI-1000 Millivolt to USB Interface (3)
Loadstar Sensors’ Digital Load Cell Interface modules provide a simple, convenient method to convert existing millivolt output load cells into PC friendly USB load cells!