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Pedal Force Sensor

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Solution Highlights

  • This particular model is now obsolete and is no longer available
  • Please take a look at the iPedal Pro sensor available on our website
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  • iPedal Digital Force Sensor
  • Application include pedal force measurement, brake testing, compression force measurement, and strength measurement for physical therapy and fitness
  • Fully integrated solution with electronics built-in into a single rugged package
  • Low Profile - under an inch high from base to top
  • Base Model: 150 Hz Response Rate via USB
  • Optional: High Speed output up to 500 Hz
  • Optional: Analog 0.5 to 4.5 V DC output
  • Optional: Hybrid - USB and Analog output
  • Compatible with Win XP/Vista/Win8

Digital USB to PC Configuration

Accuracy in compression at 25C is +/- 0.5% of FS.  Off-center inaccuracies up to +/- 5% of FS
USB/Analog/Hybrid Output
No need for signal conditioning or data acquisition system.
Rugged Stainless steel construction with off-center force compensation built-in.
Easy mounting plate for easy attachment onto pedal.

Loadstar's iPedal pedal force sensor, is an easy to use sensor for measuring compressive forces applied during brake testing or similar applications where a user wants to measure the forces applied to a pedal.

Unlike conventional load cells with millivolt output, the iPedal sensor has signal conditioning electronics built into the sensor itself, and does not need specialized external equipment for output measurement. The sensor is based upon our patent protected capacitive sensing technology and is thin, rugged, and provides high reliability in rough environments.

This versatile force sensor can be used with our LoadVUE Pro (LV-1000) software to easily display, log and plot the force data on a PC or Windows compatible Tablet or with a DAQ/PLC using the analog output.  You can even connect it to any micro-controller via the UART (Serial TTL) connection which can be accessed via the HX-100 breakout board if needed.

Output Options:

USB Output

The base output of the sensor is UART/Serial TTL.  We use our S2U (Serial to USB) dongle at the end of the cable to convert the base signal into USB.  When purchased in this mode, the package includes the LV-1000 LoadVUE Pro software which allows you to not only display the applied force in various units, but it also lets the user log the data at user selectable intervals as well as plot the data as a Force vs. Time plot.  The base package has max data output rate of 150 Hz.  The upgraded high speed version can output data at as fast as 500 Hz.

Analog Output

The sensor can provide an optional Analog 0.5 to 4.5V DC outptut proportional to the applied loads with a simple four wire pigtail output.

Hybrid Output

An additional option is to use get the sensor in both digital and analog mode (Hybrid output) using our HX-100 Hybrid adapter board.  This board allows you to maintain the integrity of the digital path to a PC via USB while simultaneously providing an analog output which can be fed into a Data Acquisition system or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).