If you are a first time load cell user:

  • We offer unmatched ease of use with our capacitive products
  • You don´t need to be an electronics engineer to use our products
  • All our products offer Digital USB or Analog output options
  • You can use our load cells with Matlab, Labview or other tools
  • 30 day money back guarantee with credit card purchase
  • Our products are being used by over 1000 customers

If you are an experienced load cell user:

  • You don´t need to do any signal conditioning with our capacitive products
  • Our analog load cells offer high level 0-5V linearized analog output
  • Our digital load cells offer digital outputs in Serial TTL format or USB format
  • We also offer resistive load cells for applications that require backward compatibility
  • We offer unbeatable price match and aggressive volume pricing
  • We offer 30 day money back guarantee
  • Our products are being used by over 1000 customers

If you are a product designer looking for a great component for your application:

  • Our capacitive sensors simplify your product design tremendously
  • You don´t need to design signal conditioning electronics anymore
  • You can access true loads or forces in N, Kg, Lb, Oz directly from our application
  • Our digital load cells offer simple ASCII command set
  • Our capacitive sensors offer up to 10X overload protections where needed
  • We can customize the sensors for optimal sensitivity in small sizes and shapes
  • We offer generous application support
  • You will work with a partner who owns 10 issued patents and over 30 patents in process
  • We can access lower cost off-shore manufacturing facilities to achieve lower volume pricing
Try our products and we guarantee that you will be happy with our products, services and support!