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Serial TTL to USB-A Adapter

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  • Injection molded FTDI Serial to USB chip
  • Mini B USB Connector on Serial TTL end and USB A Connector on USB Output end
  • Drivers provided with Compatible with Windows , LINUX and MacOS
  • Compatible with Loadstar's DQ-1000, DQ-4000, DI-100 and DS-4000 products each of which can be used in Serial TTL mode for direction communication with Arduino and other microcontrollers with Serial communication horizontal bar

PLEASE NOTE this is a proprietary adapter designed for use with Loadstar Sensors products only.  Do not substitute with other adapters since this might damage your load cells.

Use this serial TTL to USB-A adapter (USB dongle) to connect our digital load cells and load cell interfaces to a PC's USB port. When connected the device shows up as a virtual COM port and once can communicate with device via terminal emulator programs such as Hypeterminal, TeraTerm etc.
The following products need the adapter to communicate with a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Linux or MacOS operating systems.  The base output of these devices is Serial TTL (Serial) and the USBA adapter converts the signal into a USB signal:
  • iLoad Series USB Load Cells
  • DQ-1000U Capacitive Load Cell Interface
  • DQ-4000/DS-4000 Load Cell Interfaces/Load Cell Indicator
  • DI-100U USB Load Cell Interface


Serial TTL to USB-A Adapter
Fig:  USBA adapter shown attached to a cable with mini B connector coming from a device such as the DI-100U or the iLoad series load cells.

 If you would like access to the Serial TTL pins coming from or to the USBA adapter you can take a look at our HX-100 breakout board.


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C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
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