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SC-1200 Sensor Concentrator

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Sampling Rate

  • 1 Hz per channel

Load Cell Input Connectors

  • 12 5-pin female USB mini-B


  • SC-1200 : USB 2.0 (5 meter range) Range can be extended with USB extenders
  • SC-1200Z : Xbee Wireless (1000 meter range)

Compatible Load Cells

The SC-1200 is a sensor interface device which can communicate simultaneously with up to 12 iLoad Series Digital load cells. The SC-1200 uplinks directly to the host PC through a wired USB connection or wirelessly through an optional Xbee module. The optional LoadVUE 12000, a load cell software can be used to monitor and log sensor output.

The SC-1200 is a scalable data acquisition system for measuring loads and forces using Loadstar''s iLoad series load cells. Each SC-1200 supports 12 load cells. Multiple SC-1200s can be daisy-chained together to form a sensor network farm of up to 3000 load cells. Only a single uplink to the host PC is needed to access any or all sensor data in the farm!

Sample Network Diagram

Product Details
C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
SKU Output Protocol Ports Wired/Wireless Range Price Quantity
SC-1200U Serial/USB (VCOM) 12 Wired n/a Please Login to See Prices
SC-1200Z XBee 802.15.4 12 Wireless 1000 ft Please Login to See Prices