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S2R UART (Serial TTL) to RS232 Converter

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load cell highlights
  • Easy way to convert Serial TTL or UART output into RS-232 Protocol

  • Compatible with Loadstar's, iLoad, iLoad Pro, iLoad mini with DQ-1000/DQ-4000/DS-4000, DI-100, SC-1200 and  products each of which can be used in Serial TTL mode for direct communication with Arduino and other microcontrollers with Serial communication 

  • Has external power input capability (4.5V to 30V DC) so it can provide regulated 5V DC power to the connected sensors and interfaces

  • Ideal for connecting sensors and interfaces to PLCs and other RS-232 compatible devices such as cellular gateways etc.horizontal bar



A number of applications require force, weight, displacement or torque sensor information to be relayed to a Programmable Logic Controller to control valves, motors, linear actuators, pumps etc. for various automation applications. The PLCs usually always come with RS-232 inputs and may not accept USB or wireless inputs easily. In such cases, you can use our S2R UART/Serial TTL to RS-232 converter to convert the output from our digital sensor solutions into RS-232 protocol.

S2R UART (Serial TTL) to RS232

The converter has a miniB input connector that accepts outputs from an iLoad, iLoad Pro, iLoad Mini+DQ-1000U capacitive sensors or from resistive load cells connected to a DI-100 digital load cell interface.  The unit comes with a power regulator so it can accept inputs between 4.5V and 30 V DC and provides regulated 5V DC power back to the sensor or interface.


iLoad TR or iLoad Series Load Cell connected to PLC via S2R 

iLoad Series to RS232


iLoad Mini + DQ-1000 Miniature Load Cell connected to PLC via S2R 

iLoad Series to RS232

RSB3 or other Resistive Load Cell +DI-100 connected to PLC via S2R 

DI-100 to RS232


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C-Compression, T-Tension, U-Universal
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