The Challenge:

Pedal force measurement for brakes, accelerator and clutch pedals are an important quality control step to ensure proper design, manufacture and product safety.

The recent problems faced by Toyota with unreliable braking or spurious acceleration is an illustration of this important testing need.  When a driver lifts his foot off the accelerator pedal and applies force on the brake, the car must slow down and come to a halt.  But if it doesnt how does none know that the driver actually did what he says he did?

One needs a pedal force sensor to measure the forces and an accelerometer to measure the acceleration and make sure the car and driver are doing what they should be!


Pedal Force Testing


LoadVUE Load Cell Software


Our iPedal pedal force measurement solution easily attaches to a pedal (accelerator, brake or clutch) and provides an indication of the force being applied to it by a driver.

One can record the force data on a PC using our USB output and LoadVUE software.  An optional LED display or bargraph can be attached to the sensor to provide a visual readout of the force being applied to the driver.

If the test setup has a data acquisition system, then one can attach the load cell solution with 0-5V DC analog output to the DAQ directly.

Parts Used:
- Includes iPedal 300 lb sensor with USB output and LoadVUE-1000 software
- Optional DS-300U LED Display

Time to Setup:
30 minutes